Thursday, December 24, 2009

Straight No Chaser - 12 Days (original from 1998)

I first heard this on the radio and it sounded just like a typical version until they started singing the days out of order and intermixed other Christmas songs into it. What really sold me on this song was the very end. Anyone that can set the Twelve Days of Christmas to the tune of Africa by Toto has my vote! Watch this awesome video. Ten million other people can't be wrong. :-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Your Quota of cute for the day - Surprised Kitty (Original)

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seeking Truth in Print today!!!

I'm thrilled! Seeking Truth has been released by Ellora's Cave IN PRINT! And even cooler, EC has a sale on right now so you can get ST on sale from them for $15 instead of the $18.99 release price. Click here for more...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Interview with Mace Walker, FBI Agent by Jeanne St. James

I'd like to welcome my guest today, Jeanne St. James. Today she interviews Mace Walker, the hero of her new release Banged Up.

1. Mace, what made you want to become an FBI agent?

I know this may sound corny, but I really wanted to fight crime. I considered becoming a police officer but love challenges and I knew it was a challenge to get into the FBI. I can't resist a challenge whether it has to do with my job… or getting the attention of an attractive female.

2. How long have you done it? Is it in your genes?

Right out of college. I obtained my B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish.

Since I speak Spanish it didn’t take much to learn Italian. I sort of look Italian so the agency thought I’d fit right in with the Mafia. Manni Spinozi is one of the worst mob bosses out there. After three years of being a junior agent, I went undercover to infiltrate the Spinozi family.

No, it’s not in my genes. My father was a college professor. No one that I know of in my family was in law enforcement.

3. Have you ever shot anyone?

Yes. I’ve shot several subjects. I’ve killed one out of self-defense. He was actually Spinozi’s brother. He shot me first when I was “made” by the family. Half of my thigh is gone. It’s an ugly injury and put me out of commission.

4. So you are out on disability right now? How do you like that forced vacation?

Yes. I am doing physical therapy, trying to redevelop the remaining muscle in my thigh. I walk with a slight limp when it is bothering me. I want to work my way back to full strength so I can get back to work.

I needed a break, so I’m not complaining too much. But I wish it was just a vacation and not a “recovery.” I was getting pretty worn out physically and mentally playing the role of a mob thug 24/7.

5. Are you glad to be home?

Yes, I was gone – deep undercover – for two years. So it’s nice to be back home, being myself and not having to act a part.

Though I came home to find a stranger in my house.

6. A stranger? Who was it?

Yes, I had no idea someone was living in my house besides my sister. It has made being home a little more interesting. And that’s putting it mildly.

You’ll have to read Banged Up, which is my story, to find out who she is.

7. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, one sister, Maxi. She was living in my house while I was away undercover. But I came home to find out she had married and went on an extended European honeymoon. Apparently, she let this stranger live in my house while she is gone.

8. How about love interests?

A man doesn’t kiss and tell. But if you really want to know, again, you’ll have to read Banged Up which available now at Liquid Silver Books.

9. What do you think about a story that was written about you?

I found it interesting… I can’t complain about the steamy scenes and I really liked the ending.


Find out more about Mace Walker in Banged Up by Jeanne St. James – available NOW at Liquid Silver Books ( You can read about Banged Up, including an excerpt, at her website at

Keep up to date with erotic romance author Jeanne St. James by checking out her blog at, her MySpace page at, her Facebook page at And she Twitters at

Jeanne also has a m/m erotic novella, Rip Cord (, available now at Phaze as part of their “rebel” themed Heatsheets ( and a m/m/f interracial ménage a trois, Double Dare, releasing at Loose Id in January.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest tomorrow - author Jeanne St. James

Tomorrow, I'll host a guest blogger - author, Jeanne St. James!!

Stop by when she interviews Mace Walker the hero of her new book Banged Up available NOW from Liquid Silver Books.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

They like me...They really like me!

Another fun day at Romanticon. Breakfast buffet this morning and I had fun and interesting table mates. Then I attended a "the readers speak" session on BDSM romances - fascinating discussion facilitated by Meghan Conrad. Yaaaay Meghan!

Then I was off to Author Mania. Here's a pic of me with the lovely and fun Natasha Moore. We were scheduled for the same time slot for signing. All the G-Ms were together.

Romanticon had made these wonderful booklets for all of us. These things have everything - all the handouts - workshop schedules but also spaces to have authors, cover models etc. to sign your book. So everyone ran around manically trying to get everyone to sign our books. In the course of the day I got a good many authors, some wonderful readers and even a few of the cover models.
In the evening there was the opportunity for a picture taken with the cover models...and the dudes were shirtless. Sweet. Oh so sweet.

Here is the ever sexy and sweet Cris Anson having her pic taken with the men of the hour. Yes, I did get my pic taken with them. However, I didn't get the chance to have anyone take my photo (other than Will Duke - ECer and photographer extraordinaire) take a shot of me having WAY too much fun.

Once I get a copy of my pic I'll try to scan it and post it. I'm definitely framing the pic. Then we all lined up to enter the Appreciation dinner. There was a bit of a long line and a bit of a wait but it was well worth it. Well, to begin with I had some great table mates. We did have a couple of cover models at our table - two of the ladies of EC. They were gorgeous and very nice.

I also was seated with talented writer Jory Strong. She had participated in the male/male workshop yesterday and she's just a fun and intriguing lady. It was a treat to talk to her.

During dinner we were treated to another dance number by the gorgeous and talented Ellora's Cavemen.

They danced to "You Can Keep Your Hat On" which is one of my favorite songs. And damn...they were hot. Many, many women were screaming encouragement and fanning themselves from the heat generated.

We all enjoyed a wonderful supper during the evening then there was a raffle to give away a good many baskets contributed by EC authors. There were also awards given by EC to some of their authors.

I knew I was going to be called up for one because it was listed in the event book. Attending authors with new releases with EC this year were given certificates and little statuettes proclaiming us "2009 Rising Stars". It was such an honor to receive one of these awards. Here is me with my award and certificate. (Thanks Kendra for taking my pic).

There were also some other awards presented by the EC staff. They called these "superstar" awards. Well, you know what? I received one of these fun awards. For my discussion of guns and what to do with them in Protect and Defend, I was presented with the "Amusing Innuendo Award." I was shocked and really happy. They like me...they really like me! It was fun because these awards were presented by the cover models. The gorgeous Angelo handed me my award and because it was unexpected, I don't have a pic of it. However, Will was on hand with his camera so I think I'll be able to snag a copy from somewhere. Having the sexy and gentlemanly Angelo deliver the award was icing on the cake. Yum.

Finally, the staff at EC was recognized for all their hard work. I enjoyed seeing how much comradery there is at EC. EC is fortunate to have a great group running the show and it made me feel even more fortunate for my book to have been accepted and published by this super publisher.

After the party I made a run back to my room to change into something comfortable and most especially comfortable shoes!!! Then I headed to the bar for some convivial chatter. I joined Natasha Moore, Kendra (reader and cover artist) and Tasha (reader and aspiring author) for a fun time. Conversation and laughter ruled the night.

I have to say this has been an incredibly fun experience. I've had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors (cause I was an EC reader long before I'd entertained a single thought about writing for EC). I've also met some wonderful readers, reviewers and all around good people who love erotic romance. The staff at the Quality Inn have been warm and friendly - even with all of us running around like crazy people. This has been a great experience - well worth the ten hour drive.

I will DEFINITELY be attending Romanticon again next year and I hope I'll see YOU there too!

Fabulous Friday at Romanticon

I woke up this morning to find the EC trailer parked outside my window. If anyone was wondering where the heck we were, I think this VERY large item in the parking lot by the road answers the question! LOL

As days go, today was a total and complete blast!

I had lunch with the wonderful Jude Atkins, Cerridwen Press author and founder of . She knows tons of stuff about author promo (in fact she's a co-presenter of a workshop on the topic). Plus she was just a joy to talk to. She made the trip here from Canada and had an...interesting...experience with her flight. Snow and delays factor in, but I'm so glad she made it.

I spent the afternoon attending workshops. The first was about the Author/Editor relationship cast as an arranged Victorian marriage featuring Raelene Gorlinsky (in the top hat) and author brides: Lynn LaFleur, Samantha Kane & Kristin Daniels.

The workshop was really informative but it was loose enough to ask questions and just have fun. I'm really enjoying the atmosphere of the con (conference/convention). The Jasmine Jade crew has done a super job organizing this event!

The second workshop was one where Raelene encouraged authors to have friends act out scenes to see whether or not what you've written is even physically possible...or do you need three arms to carry things out as written.

It turns out, it would require a male weregiraffe to kiss the nipples of a woman sitting in his lap facing forward. This actually sounds like a great way to make sure action scenes work - I'm just not sure my friends would be willing to act as guinea pigs. Maybe if I plied them with alcohol...

The third workshop was a great discussion of the up and coming (no pun intended) male/male genre. Authors Jory Strong, Kaenar Langford, and Samantha Kane were ably assisted by editor Meghan Conrad. This was fun and funny. I will definitely say that Kaenar is the queen of research. OMG...

I learned so much from listening to Jory, Kaenar and Samantha discuss their writing. I'm really inspired. I may have to give male/male a try.

In the evening we all enjoyed the Psychedelic soiree. Cover models, sixties clothes, and dancing...oh my! Here's me in all my plump peachiness rocking it out on the dance floor. To my
right is dancing queen Cris Anson. If you check out her web site the pic of her is a demurely sexy, elegant lady. Well she's all that - but she's a party animal too.

I had such a fun night. I even got to dance with a couple of the cover models. Now THAT was very fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of those highly pleasurable moments. Pout. Oh well. Another time. Like RT maybe.

I closed out my evening with a strawberry daiquiri at the bar with Mari Freeman, Samantha Kane, Kelli Collins, Kaenar Langford, Kathleen Coddington and Kathy Kulig, et al. It was a pleasant way to spend the end of the night. I'm meeting so many cool people here and I'm having so much fun. Wish you all could be here too!

It's almost two in the morning and I need to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and go do it all over again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long day but fun evening

Well, I made it. A VERY long drive today. I got started at 6:30 in the morning in Iowa and finally made it to Ohio around 7:30 p.m. It was a ten hour drive - but it took around eleven because I stopped from time to time. AND...I forgot there was a time change in there.

After I got into my room (which is very nice) I debated about whether I really wanted to go to the hospitality room. I was pretty tired, but I decided yeah - I want to go and meet some folks. So...I changed, put on a bit of makeup and headed to the hospitality room to register, get my goodie bags and oogle the Ellora's Cave Cavemen.

They were worth the ten hour drive. REALLY. HAWT. MEN. I mean really! I don't think I was the only one to think so - but a bunch of us posed with the guys. Here's me with the guys. I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend, I'll have another photo or two with the gentlemen.

I also had a chance to sit and chat with Natasha Moore for awhile. We knew each other from online groups (EC and RWA) so it was fun to connect a face with a name and get to know her. She has a brand new book out from Samhain Publishing, Bound By Design - be sure to check it out.

I'll try to keep you posted about what happens this weekend. But you know...what happens in the Cave stays in the Cave!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romanticon - mere days away

OMG - I'm so not ready. I'm excited and nervous but definitely not ready. I mean I have clothes for everything. A nice dress for the appreciation dinner on Saturday night and a fun outfit for the Psychedelic Soiree on Friday night. I have bookmarks for readers but I don't have any "signed by author" stickers.

Somehow I feel a little frazzled. Maybe for the con next year, I'll feel more organized. More ready. I'm really looking forward to meeting my fellow authors though. Some of my favorite EC authors will be attending so it will be SO cool to meet them.
I'm especially going to enjoy meeting readers who'll be attending. I'm excited about my first big book signing. So if you live in the Ohio and surrounding areas, please come out for the book signing on Saturday from 10:30 - 11:30 am and from 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

NOTE: I had a couple of things wrong. Hint for all of you out there - always CHECK on things before you leave. Saturday is "Authormania" where the authors hang out and meet with readers. We can also sign books that people have brought with them. Then on SUNDAY is the official book fair where they will be selling books and authors will sign.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want to know the REST of the story?

Hi all,

EC authors have been sharing confessions of their "secret lives" in the lead up to Romanticon. My secret was revealed on Monday.

Today, on Jeanne St. James blog, I reveal "the rest of the story" so drop by and find out how I was able to hit a cop with a nightstick yet not be arrested!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Confession - for your reading pleasure Monday, Sept. 7

As Romanticon swiftly approaches, Ellora's Cave is running a fun feature on their blog, Sex Talk for Wicked Women. The Secret Lives of EC Authors. I hopped on the bandwagon too. My secret will be posted on Monday, September 7th. Labor Day. I hope you'll join me there! Not only that but I'll fill you in on "the rest of the story" on Thursday, September 10 at the blog, The Rantings and Ravings of Jeanne St. James.

When they announced this fun idea, we (EC's Authors) were told to provide a tantalizing secret to share that would introduce us to our readers. I think this is a totally cool concept. Yes, it could end up under the category of TMI - too much information - but so far it hasn't.

Everyone has provided cute, fun facts. I hope my "deep, dark secret" lives up to the fun. I think it will but I'm not telling. -wicked grin- You'll just have to stop by Monday to find out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seeking Truth receives a 4 Star Rating from Romantic Times

Yup. 4 stars! I'm mega excited to receive such a great rating for my hot historical. Seeking Truth was reviewed in the October issue of Romantic Times magazine.

The review reads:

"It's good to see two strong but imperfect protagonists find perfection with each other. This historical with paranormal overtones features passionate love scenes that are frequent and inventive, but still tender. Readers will enjoy the dominant protagonist who requires a submissive spouse in the bedroom but supports her confident nature outside their sexual encounters."

She liked it. The reviewer really liked it! Yaaaay!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here are some highlights from the DC trip

When last we chatted I was on my way to Washington, DC for the RWA National Conference. I didn't blog that week - even though I had my computer with me. It was just too busy, I guess. So here are some of the pics I took while in DC.

To the left is the DC metro. My roommate, Kelly Maher and I rode it to head for the Library of Congress and the "heart of power" in DC. I was really impressed with the metro station, but dang you'd better move fast when you're in there. Locals have someplace to go and they want to get

Our first stop was the Library of Congress. Naturally. I mean, I AM a librarian. LOL

The library was as impressive as I expected it to be. The staff who led the tour were very nice and extremely knowledgeable. All the buildings in DC are beautiful, but I looked around the library and tried to imagine working in such a beautiful location. I'd never get anything done.

See what I mean? This hallway to the left is on the second floor and the entire place is like that. Beautiful paintings. Amazing mosaics. Marble. Woodwork. Just really stunning.

I was incredibly impressed by a mosaic of Minerva. All of the images in the library are dedicated to learning, wisdom and how the two together make democracy run better. But the mosaic work on this piece made my eyes pop out. I had to climb up after the tour so I could get a good look (and a close up pic) of it.

Yes, the image is as shiny as it looks to the right. The gold is...I think...real gold. It sure looked like it to me. This art piece is astonishingly beautiful and it's huge.

If you ever get the chance to visit Washington, D.C. do NOT miss a chance to visit the Library of Congress. It's fascinating and beautiful.

From there, Kelly and I split up. She had an appointment elsewhere on Tuesday so I decided to wander across the street (yes, across the STREET) to the Capitol building. It's even more impressive than I thought it would be. The place is freaking huge.

And yes, for political junkies like me the picture on the left was pretty cool. Why? You may well ask. I think...only think mind you...that the dude in the suit with the grey hair is Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. I didn't go wandering too close because there were a bunch of cars there and guys who looked like bodyguards surveying the crowds. Still I'm pretty sure I'm right. Notice the lady in the white shirt and grey shorts? She appears to be holding up a camera to take a picture. Or at least shading her eyes to get a better look. It was quite neat to be there where the business of government happens but since I was alone, I was too chicken to go inside. When I go back to DC - and I am going to go back - I will try to figure out where to go inside to "meet my congressmen" though I'm not entirely sure they will want to meet me if they don't manage to pass a health care reform bill with a public option in it.

And to prove I was REALLY's a pic of me with the Capitol building in the background. No, it is not a backdrop. There are more pictures of DC but I'll post them another day. This blog is already long enough.

Suffice it to say, it was an extraordinary experience that I want to experience again. Preferably, when I am not attending a conference at the same time. To really see the city and all the amazing sites therein, I would have to spend an entire week there doing nothing but visiting the sites and I STILL might not see everything.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~ Protect and Defend ~ book video

In my preparations for Romanticon, I wanted to get a book video completed for Protect and Defend. I wasn't sure how to complete one myself so the kind and talented Fran Lee created a wonderful one for me.

She did a wonderful job with it. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Protect and Defend is in PRINT!

I just went to the Jasmine Jade site to see what books were available on sale...MINE IS!!! Protect and Defend is out in trade paper and on sale for $15. OMG. I can't believe it. Like wow!

Protect and Defend in trade paper at Jasmine Jade Enterprises.
Holy smokes!

Friday, July 10, 2009

RWA Conference fast approaches.

Greetings all,
The RWA National Conference is quickly approaching and I'm nervous and feeling out of sorts. I haven't really gotten myself together and I leave on Sunday. Robin Rotham is going to pick me up as she passes through Iowa and by the end of the trip we will either adore or loathe one another. :-) I'm voting for the former. I think Robin is a pretty cool chick AND an excellent writer.

Still, when I attended RWA two years ago I was so much more organized than I am this year. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off...flopping around mindlessly while people wait for me to wind down before they throw me in the pot for supper. Yeah - it's a rather grim kind of metaphor but it fits.

I'm looking forward to touring Washington D.C. though. I've never been in the nation's capitol before so I'm planning to hit all the sites. Or as many as I can get to between conference sessions and parties. I'm planning to visit the Library of Congress and the Holocaust Museum. I want to see all the monuments. Washington, Lincoln, VietNam, WWII, etc. If I can manage it, I want to visit the National zoo too. Not sure about that one though. I'm going to take a ton of pics - that much is certain.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Nope - not traveling this year. I'm home and relaxing. I woke up this morning hearing all kinds of sirens and realized the parade had started down town. It was nice sleeping in.
So to all fellow U.S. Citizens - Happy Independence Day!
To everyone else - hey, have a great day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Save the School of Gallantry

I want to welcome my guest today, Delilah Marvelle. She's the author of Mistress of Pleasure and the soon to be released, Lord of Pleasure.


When I was in high school, I had a dream. I was going to be the next Stephen King. Heh. Yeah. Stay with me. Please. I knew my ideas were fabulous and I knew all it would take is for an editor to look at it and they would offer me up the moon and the stars and best of all, a contract. I had my girlfriends read everything I wrote. And they kept telling me, “This is fabulous! It's SO funny! Hilarious!” Seeing it really wasn't supposed to BE funny, I immediately changed course realizing I actually had a better handle on being funny than scary. I also figured adding a romance into it would even make it better since that is what I loved to read.

I then entered college as an English major. I was going to be teacher and write during the summers. Even then I was a smart girl who knew I wasn't going to make jack and that I needed a job to support the “creative” one. Throughout all of college I wrote historical romances. One right after another. And kept submitting. And submitting. And submitting. And kept getting rejected and rejected and rejected. In the meantime, I got married. I had two kids. I joined RWA. I got critique partners. I did honed and honed and honed the crap out of my writing. And kept writing and getting rejected. I eventually racked up over 200 rejections and had written over 40 books in those 11 years of trying to get published.

When I finally sold my first historical romance, MISTRESS OF PLEASURE, and my second book, LORD OF PLEASURE, I was beside myself. It didn't feel real. To FINALLY arrive at a destination I had been traveling toward for 11 long years seemed like a mirage. Which fortunately, I quickly snapped out of. Because after all, most of my friends are all published and unpublished writers and the stories they all have told me throughout the years made me realize I had to fight with fists up for myself every step of the way. I knew publishers did little to no promotion for their authors, so I spearheaded my own promo, ready to be more than just an author. And even though I was budgeting very well and spending countless hours networking and promoting on websites and blogs, doing tons for free, I still ended up spending $7,000 on my first book. Which was way more than my advance. But hey, every business starts in the red. Right?

Then the reviews started coming in about my series set in 1830 London England about a school that educates men on the topic of love and seduction. People loved it! Wow. It got nominated for awards. Wow. Readers are e-mailing me raving. Wow. Readers from France, Austria, Poland, South Africa and from all over the U.S and the world.. Wow. It just kept getting better and better. I was beginning to feel as if every penny I spent was all worth it (even though my family and I weren't going on any vacations and were eating out of cans). Because all that mattered was that my publisher loved me and my readers loved my series.

Come contract time, I'm ready for whatever they wanna throw at me. Or so I thought. Mistress of Pleasure, though completely sold out and unavailable anywhere (unless it's a used copy, some going for a ridiculous amount of $40.00), hadn't done as well as my publisher had hoped. So without waiting for the second book to come out to see if the series was even worth saving, I get a rejection from my own editor citing lack of sales.

I have to say this rejection felt more personal than any of the other two hundred and some rejections I'd received. Because it was no longer “Your book isn't good enough” it became “Your sales aren't good enough.” Since when is an author supposed to be a market guru AND a fabulous writer? Eck.

I love this series. The men in it make me laugh and it broke my heart to think that my readers will never get a chance to read about Lord Brayton, my glorious male virgin. The only alpha virgin I've ever written about. Then I realized something, why I am letting a publisher decide what is worth holding on to? Shouldn't that be a reader's job?

Ah. Herein lies the purpose of my post. I am challenging everyone, be they readers or writers to help me do something that's never been done before. Save a series from a death sentence given by a publisher. Can it be done? Who knows. But I eat challenges for breakfast and I hope you do to. Please join me in saving my series. Come August 4th, tell everyone you know (yes, even your 72 year old grandfather) to buy the book, Lord of Pleasure. In doing so, you'll have a chance to win one of three $50 Visa Gift Cards. How? Check out my website for details at

That said, thank you for all the support and love everyone has already shown me by allowing me to blog about this. Feel free to post and repost this to everyone under the moon and the stars. To all you readers out there, thank you for supporting us writers. To all you writers out there, don't ever give up on your writing. The moment you do, you give up on yourself. Which is why I'm not giving up on my series.

Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogging at Seduced by History today

Visit Seduced By History where I'm blogging today about The Book of Hours in the Middle Ages. Back in grad school I took a fab class called the "Transition from Manuscript to Print." It was about the history of the book in the Middle Ages. I loved the class and learned a lot. One of the perks of this class was the opportunity to see manuscript and incunabula - early some of the first printed books. For this class I did a comparison between a manuscript Book of Hours and early printed one. I took a ton of pictures to illustrate my paper. It was great fun.

Friday, June 19, 2009

#RWAfail - change needed regarding digital publishing.

Deidre Knight posted an outstanding blog, The Digital Age and RWA, at the ESPAN (Electronic Small Press Authors Network) blog this past week. President of RWA, Diane Pershing Posted a response on Friday. I was underwhelmed with Ms. Pershing's response.

I found out about a new Yahoo listserv for those interested in making a difference.
Please retweet or forward the info below to any writer interested in affecting a real change.

In response to the debacle that was Diane Pershing's response regarding the current high-level position on digital publishing, a group has been started.

If you think digital publishing has a place in our world
If you think digital publishing needs a voice in RWA
If you think digital published authors deserve education on the ins and outs of specifically digital publishing

Please join.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Library use

Great report on the surge in library use on The Today Show. Check it out (along with a library book)!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Reviews for Protect and Defend!

Wow - I've gotten some more great reviews for
Protect and Defend!

Bitten by Books reviewer Megan said some really cool things about my first book.

"Francesca Hawley wrote Protect and Defend so well that you can actually feel the emotions that the characters went through coming off the pages."

Yaaaay! She liked it. She really liked it!
* * * * *
I received great review from Erotic Horizon too! The reviewer said some super stuff about Protect and Defend! Wooo Hoooo!

"Ms. Hawley is a new to me author and i found her writing style to be easy – very edgy with an underlying element of fun. It has a “expect the jack to jump out of the box at any minute” feel and this sort of tension filled expectation continued a good way through the book. I really like it and it was a pleasure to be surprised."

Breaking News - Protect and Defend will be release in print from Ellora's Cave later on this year. I don't have a release date as yet, but I think it will be sometime in August or September. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging at Embrace the Shadows today!

Hi everyone,
June is promo month for me. Today, I'm blogging over at Embrace the Shadows about what inspired me to find the perfect heroine for Eaduin Kempe. Please join me to leave a comment. One commenter will win a copy of my book, Seeking Truth. Hope to see you there!

P.S. My apologies if you see this post more than once today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cry Mercy Tour - Day 12 - Toni Andrews

Today my guest is Toni Andrews.

She is the author of a number of books and writes as both Toni Andrews and Virginia Reede. I've really enjoyed following her Cry Mercy Tour because she's funny and shares a lot of herself with her readers, which is VERY cool. Because many of her visits (like the one here) are virtual, you can go back and get caught up with how the month has been going for her. All of her virtual interviews are posted on YouTube. Visit Toni's YouTube page to find out more!

So without further ado - or chattiness from me - Here's Toni!!!

Blurb - Cry Mercy

I just want a normal life…even if I'm not entirely sure I'm human.My name is Mercy Hollings and I'm a successful hypnotherapist in Balboa, California. The problem is, my good fortune is dependent on a dark secret. I can make people do whatever I want using telepathy, a power I call "the press." And that ability has hurt some people I never wanted to hurt, so I try to keep it under wraps.

I also try to keep people at a distance…at least, I used to. Recently a group of fearless characters broke through my self-imposed walls and became my friends: Sukey, my receptionist-turned-P.I.; Tino, a Chicano gang leader; Hilda, a wealthy society widow; Grant, a retired millionaire—and Sam, my sexy-as-hell ex-boyfriend.

But with friends comes drama. Tino has inadvertently led me into the dark world of gang violence, and Sukey has pushed me into searching for my biological parents, the only people who can finally tell me who—or what—I really am.

Where to find Toni and her book!

Toni's web site:

Where to send your Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to get a signed book plate for your copy:

Toni's Blog:

Toni's TV show:

Cry Mercy Trailer:

Book Rx, Toni's "Book Doctor" service:

Links to purchase the book:

Mira Books (discounted while they last!)

Amazon Link:

Amazon UK Link:

Barnes and Noble:

Indigo Books (Canada):

Rendezvous Romance (Australia)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seeking Truth - Cover War Contender

Seeking Truth is in a throw-down today over at Embrace the Shadows blog today. Each week they do a Clash of the Covers contest and this week, Seeking Truth is matched up against some tough competition. Please visit and vote for my cover.
Also, on Thursday I'll be a guest blogger over at Embrace the Shadows. I'm not sure about the topic yet, other than that it will be paranormal and maybe medieval.
PLEASE...Stop by to keep me company Thursday and vote for my cover today! Thanks!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toni Andrews is coming to visit

Hi everyone,

I have exciting news! Wednesday, June 10, Toni Andrews will be a guest on my blog to promote her latest release, Cry Mercy. I'm going to send her some interview questions and she's going to video record the interview for me to post here on my blog. This is going to be SOOOOOOOO cool. Please stop by to watch the video and leave comments!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tarot reading for Eaduin

Greetings all,

Arwen Lynch did a tarot reading for the hero of my latest book, Seeking Truth. Stop by to see Eaduin's responses at: . At first I had trouble getting back into Eaduin's mind (I've been spending a lot of time with Joe Blackwolf lately). However once I got back into Eaduin's POV, the responses were pretty fascinating.

Stop over at Arwens to comment, because one lucky commenter will win a copy of my book! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guest Blog at The Naughty Girls Next Door!

I'm blogging today about getting into the mind of my medieval warrior, Eaduin over at The Naughty Girls Next Door. Please stop by to visit. One lucky commenter will win a copy of my book.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Seeking Truth - RELEASE DAY!!!

This is it! Today is the day!

Seeking Truth is available for purchase from EC today.

To celebrate my release day, I'm blogging about medieval sexuality and research over at History Undressed. One lucky commenter will receive a copy of my book hot off the e-press from Ellora's Cave.

I hope you drop by to share this special day with me, and I very much hope you enjoy the book when you read it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Author Spotlight at Dark Diva Reviews Blog

Dark Diva Reviews blog is featuring ME for their author spotlight this week! Please stop by to visit and leave a comment.

Seeking Truth comes out on May 29!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eight Days and Counting...

In a week and a day, my second book will be released by Ellora's Cave. I'm so excited! I hope everyone enjoys reading Seeking Truth, because I really loved writing it. Eaduin Kempe is one of my hottest heroes.

On release day - May 29, 2009 - I'll be a guest blogger at History Undressed where I'll be discussing medieval sexuality. Stop by and post a comment. All of my commenters will be included in a drawing. The winner will receive a copy of Seeking Truth for their very own!

To whet your appetite until then, here's an excerpt:

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

An Excerpt From: SEEKING TRUTH
Copyright © FRANCESCA HAWLEY, 2009
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

She moaned when he dropped featherlight kisses over her face. His mouth covered hers softly, growing more forceful and intimate with each successive kiss. He teased her mouth open, dipping his tongue inside her parted lips. Vérité jumped, her eyes opening as his tongue explored her mouth. As he lifted his head, his dark eyes seemed lit with an inner fire.

“Do I frighten you?”

“Nay, I’ve just never been kissed this way.” Vérité’s eyes unfocused as desire filled her.

“Have you been kissed in other ways?” His expression darkened, and she saw the glow around him change slightly.

Vérité blinked as she realized she could read his soul, though she hadn’t concentrated on her gift to do so. His spirit reddened with passion, but as he asked his question, parts of the spirit halo surrounding him darkened. She didn’t know whether to feel pleasure or dismay at seeing the jealousy flash through him.

“Only chastely by my brother.” The glow of his aura lightened to a brighter red again, indicating the strong desire he felt for her.

“And your father?”

“Nay, my father never showed me affection.”

“I’m very sorry, Vérité. I understand. Truly. My father never showed me any affection either, but I’m heartily sorry for the lack in your life.” He kissed her and again his spirit lightened, reflecting a glow of gold and white at his genuine concern.

She didn’t understand how she saw his glow without consciously focusing on it. She saw very few people’s spirits without effort. Only her mother’s and her brother Falc’s. Ah, but there had been two others—she’d forgotten. The spirits of Lord Osweald and Lady Annys had all but assaulted her, which is why she sickened in their presence. Perhaps it was the Kempe bloodline that spoke to her, though Eaduin did not make her sick, quite the opposite.

When Eaduin kissed her neck, her thoughts stilled in favor of the sensations surging through her. His mouth teased her skin while his rough cheek sensitized her. The contrary textures increased her need for Eaduin’s warmth. His touch. His possession. She wanted more but didn’t know how to ask him for it, so she clung to him reveling in the exploration of his mouth, her gasps quickening with excitement.

“Eaduin. Please…”

“Please what?”

She drew back to look up into his face. “I don’t know. I just know I don’t want you to stop.”

He smiled. “Good, for I don’t want to stop any more than you want me to. Come, let us remove your garments.”

Eaduin unbuckled her girdle, letting it fall to the floor, then he released the lacing at her sides to loosen her kirtle. Vérité swallowed hard as he gathered the voluminous fabric of her overdress into his hands, lifting it upward over her head. He tossed it onto a nearby chair as he stared at her then he groaned, shifting his hips.

Though she still wore her underdress and shift, she felt naked and vulnerable before his desire. Heat rushed into her face. Eaduin licked his lips, his hands clenching and his muscles tight while his gaze made a leisurely tour of her from head to foot. If she questioned his hunger before, seeing him thus erased all doubt. Fire filled his eyes as he fought to control his need for her. All those years ago, he’d looked at Mistress Emma similarly, but never had she hoped he might look upon her with such need. Vérité exulted in it.

She walked over to him with more confidence than she felt. “And you, my lord? We should make you more comfortable as well.” He caught her hands as she reached for his belt, her gaze flew to his.

“My lady, I stand on the edge of a knife. Push even slightly and I’ll tumble, taking my feeble control with me. I have no wish to frighten or hurt you.”

“Has it been so long since you’ve had a lover, then?”

“I have been alone far longer than I care to admit.”

“I wouldn’t think a man like you would spend his nights alone.”

“A man like me?”

“A handsome, powerful and wealthy baron. Any one of those traits might incite lust in a woman.”

“Do you think so? Is it my power and wealth that attract you?”


“My pleasing features, then?”

“Nay.” Vérité blushed at the lie, her body always betrayed her in some way when she told a total falsehood and this was one of those times.

“Truly, my lady? Your blush belies your denial.” She shivered as his finger brushed her cheek.

“Well, I must admit your handsomeness appeals to me but neither power nor wealth can sway me. Wealth and power can be a blessing or a curse. It depends on the use made of them and position is the same.”

“True enough. I accept you enjoy the way I look, for I must admit I feel the same for you. Your beautiful hair is but a fitting crown for your luscious form.” He pulled his red velvet bliaut over his head, tossing it to where her gown rested, leaving behind a fine white linen undertunic.

“There. Now we are equally bare.”

“Ah, but I have on one more layer than you, my lord.”

“So you do. Your underdress is a lovely golden color but let us remove it.” Eaduin helped her ease it off so she stood before him in only her shift. She trembled under his gaze. “The linen of your shift is so fine I can see your tight, pink nipples and your red nether hairs.” She shivered with excitement listening to his soft murmur.

His fingers traced her skin along the neckline of her shift, dipping between her breasts so her nipples strained toward him. Vérité whimpered, waiting for him to finally cup her breasts, but he didn’t. Instead, he drew close to her, dipping his head so his lips could follow the tingling path his fingers had left in their wake. His arms encircled her to pull her against his hard body while he pressed his hips into the curve of her thighs. His erect manhood thrust against her lower belly, so she spread her limbs to allow him nearer.

Vérité moaned. Her eyes closed and her head fell back as she wrapped her arms around him. She lifted her leg to hook around his, groaning when he ground his pelvis into hers. He cradled her bottom to hold her in place and hissed with pleasure, his breath tickling her sensitive skin. When his tongue snaked out to taste her, she nearly collapsed in his arms. He kissed the curve of each of her breasts as their hips undulated together, her breath harsh with need. Vérité clenched her fingers in his undertunic, dragging him against her. She wanted his lips pressed to her breasts, his mouth open as he sucked her nipples. More. She wanted everything.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm writing again!!

Last week I wrote 10,000 words. In one week. I'm over the moon happy about it too and I have my critique partner, Paris Brandon to thank. Love ya, hon!!!!

I'd gotten stuck on a love scene. It wouldn't go anywhere and I tend to be a very linear writer. A linear pantser - not an easy combo. Well, I was whining and complaining to Paris and she said. "Francesca, why don't you skip the scene and come back to it. You have all of these other scenes in your head. You need to write them down."

Maybe I'm dense, but I'd not really considered skipping a scene before. I had discovered I'd left a scene out and had to go back to add it. But I'd never intentionally said, skip it. I'm moving on for now. And you know what? It worked. I discovered tons of stuff about my characters and the story is moving fast. I'm excited to sit down at my computer again and I love that! I'll keep you posted, because eventually I'll have to go back and insert the skipped scene. At least now, I know the elements that should be in that all-important love scene.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A shot of Adrenaline to go...

Hi all,

Yesterday was a full round day. I worked at the library and we were hopping so I didn't manage to get lunch. All seemed normal as we closed up. I shooed people out the door, checked the library and locked up. We turned off the lights and my two co-workers left for the day. I had a bit more to do, so I went around to all the printers and added paper then I headed to the back office.

I sat down at my desk to catch up on some email. Someone yelled, "Heeeellllloooooo." I looked up and thought what the hell is that? Again I heard, "Heeeellllloooooo." Which needless to say scared the crap outta me. Then one of the exit door alarms went off. I'm sitting at my desk looking out through the glass trying to figure if someone was still out there.

I stand up like I'm gonna take a walk around the library, then I decide NOT to be the stupid heroine in a horror movie. You know, the one that hears a noise and goes to investigate with nothing more lethal in her hands than a pair of scissors? So I called 911. Now, I was pretty sure there was no one out there, but I was so creeped out I was not gonna clear the building myself. I figured I'd let big strong people - in this case dudes with guns - do what they're trained to do.

It felt like forever before they arrived at the back door. I told them to come there because I KNEW the back office was clear. They went through the building to verify we were empty and gave me the okay to go turn off the door alarm. They left and I left right after I called my library director to leave a "heads up" message on her answering machine cause no way was I staying in the building at that point. They probably think I'm a nut job, but better that than sliced and diced by a mad serial killer-who was probably just a freaked out reader. I mean, how do you sit around reading while people make announcements and the lights go out without noticing that the lights have gone out and NO ONE is left in the building?

Thereafter I indulged in a little retail therapy...I went shopping. I didn't spend too much money but I did get a nice pair of sandals. So how was YOUR Saturday?

Sigh. What a day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stopped in the Name of Love...

If having trouble with completing your second book is sophmoreitis, I guess I'm suffering from Junioritis. My second book will be released by Ellora's Cave on May 29, 2009 and I'm over the moon about it. However, I now have to buckle down and write a third book and I'm finding it a challenge.

It's not that I don't have ideas for a book. It's not that I haven't started three or four projects. I have. I have great ideas. But... I've come to road blocks with ALL of them. The funny thing is, the road block is a love scene. Every single time. It's like I've gotten frigid or something and it's horrible. Bleh.

I've been bouncing from idea to idea but when I put my butt in the chair and my hands on the keyboard I sit there and nothing happens. Aaaaaaargh! I hate it. My poor heroes must be suffering from terminal blue balls by now. I mean...ouch. My heroines are laying there throbbing but experiencing no release. They aren't happy and neither am I.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you get writing again? How did you get in the mood to write a hot love scene. Help! My heroes and heroines have started to plot my demise and I need to get us all some relief. Soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeking Truth has a buy page at EC!

I just had to share cause I'm sooooooo excited. Ellora's Cave has created a buy page for my upcoming release, Seeking Truth. It includes my hot cover, the blurb and a link to my steamy excerpt.

There are few things more satisfying than to see your book page set up at your publisher's Web site. Happy sigh.

So if you want to see the new page and read the excerpt, visit the Ellora's Cave Web site at:

Monday, April 20, 2009

My cover has arrived!

This is it! The cover for Seeking Truth designed by Syneca! She did a fabulous job with it! Is he hot or what?

Seeking Truth release date!!

My editor emailed me this morning with the news that Seeking Truth will be released by Ellora's Cave on May 29, 2009. I'm so excited! Now, I'm just waiting on pins and needles for the cover art.

Blogging today at Seduced By History

I'm blogging today at Seduced By History, the Hearts Through History RWA chapter blog.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tweet, tweet

Tweet me.

Yup, I took the plunge and joined Twitter- follow me at

I have been putting off joining this one because I worried that it might be a time sink or that I might get totally lost. Yesterday, I attended an IRN meeting and our speaker was Cheryl Corbin who gave us all a presentation about Twitter and how you can make it work for you as an author. It was really helpful so I decided to try to enter this whole new world. I'm reserving judgement, but I think it looks kind of fun. So please, tweet this newbie bird over at Twitter and make me feel at home!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life's Been Good...

Well, as I told you on Thursday I received a 4 1/2 rating from RT. I'm as excited as I can be about it. The reviewer said some really, REALLY nice things about the book...

"Hawley creates well-developed characters and a story that moves from page one and doesn't stop. This tale is filled with smoldering sex, mystery and suspense. A definite keeper. "

I read this and started doing a happy dance. They like me, they really like me! Thanks RT!

On Friday, I picked up my new author photo. I went to Kesling Photography in Altoona, IA (a berb of Des Moines) to have the photo done. Kelly did a fab job! She managed to make me look kinda pretty.

I heard from my editor at EC. She said she'd have edits to me early next week for Seeking Truth. I'm excited and I can hardly WAIT to get the edits completed so we can set a release date for the book. Woot! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG - a 4 1/2!!!

In February, I sent my book to Romantic Times Magazine to be reviewed. I've heard that the May issue has gone out to subscribers and a review of my book is inside. In addition, the rating is up on the RT Web site. I received a 4 1/2 star rating from RT - that's out of a possible five stars. I'm thrilled. Happy. Over the moon. And pretty much any other cliche for happy/ecstatic you can name. Wooot!

As soon as the magazine is available on newstands, I'm buying three copies. My book is also featured in a gorgeous color ad in the magazine too! Life is pretty darn good.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm sure you noticed I didn't blog about what I said I was going to blog about. I realized I wanted to do more research about courtly love before blogging about it over at the Seduced By History blog. Instead I introduced myself and my upcoming medieval book.

Also, on Saturday I didn't blog because I didn't have anything to whine or rant about. Things are going pretty well with me. I received my royalty check yesterday and was able to deposit it. The only thing to complain about now is the time it takes for the check to clear. But it's where it needs to be and I'm a happy camper.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging weekend...

Tomorrow - Friday, March 20 - I'll be blogging at Seduced by History. Seduced by History is a new blog of the Hearts through History online chapter of RWA. I'll be a regular contributor - blogging on the 20th of the month. I picked the 20th because my birthday is on the 20th. October 20th - but I figured I'd remember 20 because of that. For my first blog there, I'll introduce myself. Then I want to do some research and blog about marriage in the Middle Ages and the concept of Courtly Love. I hope by next month to have enough information to post. We'll see how that goes. ;-)

On Saturday, I'll be adding my weekly contribution to The Otherworld Diner. For the next two weeks we whining. I'm not sure what to whine about really. I guess I'll surprise you...and me. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I finished. All 1032 words are gone. In fact I sliced and diced nearly 1100 words. I've sent the manuscript to my editor and she said she'll get started with it within the next couple of weeks. Yaaaaaaay!

Now I just need to figure out what to do next. I've had several ideas for my next project. The rock singer isn't going to happen right now. So I've been messing with ideas and I found a shapeshifter idea I'd gotten a good start with and I think I can get it written soon.

A female packleader needs a mate to placate her nervous pack. A shapeshifter orthopedic surgeon needs a mate to impress the head of his practice. They're matched by - and the sparks fly - True Mate style. While the two alpha True Mates fight for dominance in the bedroom, the doctor has to fight his dominating instincts and follow his packleader.

I like what I have written so far. I'll let you know how things go!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slicing and dicing...

Nope, this isn't a food post. I wish it was - it would be SO much easier. When my editor offered me a contract for my medieval paranormal erotic romance, Seeking Truth she told me I'd have to cut the length by 1032 words. She asked if that was a problem. I said "heck no." I may have spoken too soon. Not that I can't do it. I can. But it is a LOT harder than I thought it was going to be.

I figured - hey the story is 121, 032 words. Nooooooo problem. Yeeeeeeees, problem. I like words. In fact, I love words. Especially mine. The good news is that I've been rereading the story so that I can find words to cut and ya know...I REALLY like it. I've fallen in love with my hero (Eaduin) all over again. My heroine (Vérité) is spunky - in a good way. The sex scenes are smoooooookin' hot. The scenes I wrote to make people cry - well, they made ME cry. I think I just might be a pretty good writer. How's that for modesty! LOL

I'm down to just 119 words left to cut, but now I'm confident I can get there. It's just a bit painful slicing and dicing my "baby". I've received the word from my editor though that we can move forward with the REST of the editing as soon as I get the words out. I'm on fire now. I want to get this book edited and out there for everyone to enjoy - not just me.

I'll keep you posted.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning to you!

Have a great St. Paddy's day and don't drink too much green beer!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Romance Through The Ages Deadline Extended!!


The Romance Through The Ages Contest has extended it's deadline for five days only!
You have through Friday, March 6, 2009 to get your entry in! :)
We would love for you to join us this year.
Our fabulous list of final round judges:
Categories and Final Round Judges:
Ancient/Medieval/Renaissance – Allison Brandau, Berkley/Jove
Georgian/Regency/Victorian – Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman Agency
Colonial/Civil War/Western – Nicole D'Airenzo, The Wild Rose Press
Post Victorian/WWII – Faith Black, Avalon Books
Time Travel/Historical Paranormal – Alicia Condon, Dorchester
NEW for 2009!
Historical Erotic - Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora's Cave
Legend Award – Esi Sogah, Morrow/Avon Books
The cost for chapter members is only $20/Non-HHRW members is $25 per entry, and you may enter any category (if you are not a judge for it), as long as the work is not contracted.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Contest Chair@ or see the HHRW website for full guidelines.
Always,RTTA Contest Committee <>

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OMG, I received a contract offer for Seeking Truth!

I've been so happy I forgot to post here...but now I must share. On Friday, I received an email from my editor at Ellora's Cave. She offered me a contract on my second book, Seeking Truth.

I'm so excited and happy, I can't tell you. To have one book released and another shortly on the way is a real dream for me. The other thing that's really neat is that this is a medieval romance - one of my favorite kinds of romances to read - when they are done right. By which I mean well researched. I worked very hard to make sure I'd done my research with Seeking Truth and it must have paid off.

I felt lousy this weekend - on Thursday night, I fell down went boom! Ouch! But this was definitely good for my emotional well-being. My contract is winging its way to EC as we speak so I hope I'll be able to get on the docket for a release date soon. When I have a release date...and a cover...I'll let you know!

Here is the current blurb for Seeking Truth...

Pain. Baron Eaduin Kempe has experienced enough of it to last him a lifetime, yet again it stalks him. Judith, his beloved foster mother, suffers in agony which cuts like a blade to his own gut. He'll do anything to ease her pain, even if that means that he, a man of dominant, fierce passions, must marry an innocent, convent-raised healer to obtain her services.

Witch. Lady Vérité de Sauigni fears this accusation more than any other, because of her psychic gift to see truth. A convent should be a haven for service to God, but her father made it her prison. Vérité will do anything to escape, even marry a sensual, handsome man who only wants her for her healing skills.

Vérité's healing skills, though prized in her new home, can't save her from charges of witchcraft when King Stephen and His Court arrive at Kempe Castle. Will Eaduin honor the vow she extracted from him to kill her so she won't suffer under questioning? Or will he do more? Will he risk his life for love?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Featured Author on Raven Happy Hour Blog

I'm the featured author today over at the
Please drop by and leave a comment
so I don't feel lonely.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Blogging TODAY - at You Gotta Read Reviews!

I'm blogging today at You Gotta Read Reviews Guest Blog. Be sure to stop by to comment. Commenters will be entered in a drawing for an authographed copy of my print book, Paranaughty. Please visit and say "hi!"

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reviews and Promotions and Quotations, Oh My!

I can't believe it but today is the LAST day of January. Where did the month go?

January 7th was the best of times and the worst of times (to quote Dickens). My book was released and someone dropped by my buy page the same day to say something negative. Talk about getting your bubble burst in a major way. But you know, when I posted here readers took up my challenge to decide for themselves whether they like my book. And you know what?

You like me, you really like me!
(to quote Sally Field)

I've received some wonderful feedback and comments from my web site and I want to thank all of you for taking the time from your lives to share with me that you enjoyed my book. It means SO much. I thank those readers who went to my buy page over at EC and left positive comments too. You folks are the total best. I'll try my hardest to keep you in reading material in the future!

I want to thank the groups who've invited me to blog with them. On January 20th, I was the featured author at The Raven Happy Hour Web site and blog. I had a great time over at the Star-Crossed Romance blog. Be sure to check out my post there from Monday, January 26. I'll keep you posted as my future guest spots and features happen!

I've also been buying in to advertising. One of the first places I bought an ad was an EC shared ad for Realms of Fantasy Magazine. This week, ROF announced that the April/May issue (in which we bought an ad) will be the last issue of the magazine. The Locus Magazine Web site and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. confirmed the news. I'm so incredibly sad. I've read the magazine off and on for years and it's a great vehicle for fantasy authors to get their work published. If you have a Facebook account - there is a "Save Realms of Fantasy Magazine" group there. Please join and offer your support. There is also a group over at LiveJournal as well.

I've bought advertising in Romantic Times too - both the May and July issues of the magazine will feature my cover (along with eleven others) in a full color ad. So keep an eye out for my book. Also, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my book will be reviewed in the May issue. If it is, I'll let you know. Then I'll either be floating in happiness or down in the doldrums. The good news is that regardless of the rating, a whole LOT of people will see the book.

Speaking of reviews... I have two very good ones which I'd like to share with everyone. These two have made me really happy! Yup - they are GOOD reviews. LOL

Tina at TwoLips Reviews gave me Five Kisses. Count 'em...FIVE!

In part Tina says, "Francesca Hawley has a brilliantly crafted novel in Protect and Defend. I loved the blend of the cops and robbers mystery and the hot spicy romance. I truly could not put Protect and Defend down."

Wow. Happy dance.

The Romance Readers Connection also reviewed Protect and Defend. Gloria Gehres rated my book a 4. I looked around the site and I'm REALLY thrilled. There are not a lot of 4 1/2 and 5 ratings, so a 4 is excellent. Yaaaay. More happy dancing. I'm kinda getting tired and my face hurts from the smiling, but I'll survive.

Gloria says, "PROTECT AND DEFEND is a wickedly erotic shape shifter novel. Francesca Hawley gives us strong, lovable characters, and a story line that leaves you believing, that when you least expect it, fate will steps in and give you a helping hand." She says some other very nice stuff too. More wow.

Yeah, I know. Authors aren't supposed to care about reviews, but I guess because this is my first novel length baby, I kinda do care. A lot. I'll get more blase with future ones, I'm sure. Just like second, third and fourth kids have fewer and fewer pictures taken of all their milestones, I'm sure I'll calm down. This is my time to document each little hiccup and grin. To run across the room with the diaper and shout, "Look, baby poohed!" You know...stuff like that.

My baby (book) is taking its first steps and I'm a seriously proud mama. I know it isn't the same as a CHILD, but this is my version. For now. Or as Diarmid would say, "Indulge me."