Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bat Caper

I was reading with the TV on in the background tonight when something flew by. I looked up and thought a bird had gotten first. Then I realized that the flyer was furry, not feathery.

Of course the cats were highly excited and enthused about the sudden appearance of the bat. Snowden was thinking "supper" while Cabot was thinking "flying toy." Both followed the bat as it swooped from room to room.

At first, as long as the bat didn't swoop at me I just sat still contemplating my options. It finally dropped slightly in my direction and since it is getting close to bed time, I decided I needed to formulate a capture and release program. I turned on all the lights around the house trying to find the bat.

It had settled on a curtain rod in my bedroom. Unfortunately, Snowden was standing on the bed debating the possibility of climbing the curtains. Thankfully, he continued to consider while I went to find a step stool. I grabbed a plastic bag, but quickly realized plastic was not a good capture method. So I picked up a pillow case and climbed the step stool while talking soothingly to the frightened little bat.

I wrapped the pillow case around him, but had to pry his little claws gently from the woodwork. Then I carried him out to the front porch. Have you ever been scolded by a bat? I have. They chitter...kind of like squirrels. Once outside, I pulled back the covering and we were face to face. I quickly turned him and he flew away off into the night. Hopefully, he will eat a whole lot of mosquitoes next summer. Thus I have done my good deed for the day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crappy weather in Iowa...again

Today was rather miserable... weather wise. Overnight we had rain, then some snow today. I worked the evening at the library and almost everyone in town showed remarkable sense...they stayed home. I think maybe 5 people came in to use the library tonight.

Oh well. I was there if I was needed. Given this dreadful economy, I'm grateful to have steady employment.

Even with the lousy weather, I'm still excited about my book's upcoming release!
30 days until release - January 7, 2009!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My book has a page!

Greetings all,
Just wanted to share...both Francesca Hawley and Protect and Defend have official homes on the new Ellora's Cave web site. To visit my author page, click here. To visit my upcoming release Protect and Defend, click here.

36 days until release - January 7, 2009!