Monday, August 24, 2009

Here are some highlights from the DC trip

When last we chatted I was on my way to Washington, DC for the RWA National Conference. I didn't blog that week - even though I had my computer with me. It was just too busy, I guess. So here are some of the pics I took while in DC.

To the left is the DC metro. My roommate, Kelly Maher and I rode it to head for the Library of Congress and the "heart of power" in DC. I was really impressed with the metro station, but dang you'd better move fast when you're in there. Locals have someplace to go and they want to get

Our first stop was the Library of Congress. Naturally. I mean, I AM a librarian. LOL

The library was as impressive as I expected it to be. The staff who led the tour were very nice and extremely knowledgeable. All the buildings in DC are beautiful, but I looked around the library and tried to imagine working in such a beautiful location. I'd never get anything done.

See what I mean? This hallway to the left is on the second floor and the entire place is like that. Beautiful paintings. Amazing mosaics. Marble. Woodwork. Just really stunning.

I was incredibly impressed by a mosaic of Minerva. All of the images in the library are dedicated to learning, wisdom and how the two together make democracy run better. But the mosaic work on this piece made my eyes pop out. I had to climb up after the tour so I could get a good look (and a close up pic) of it.

Yes, the image is as shiny as it looks to the right. The gold is...I think...real gold. It sure looked like it to me. This art piece is astonishingly beautiful and it's huge.

If you ever get the chance to visit Washington, D.C. do NOT miss a chance to visit the Library of Congress. It's fascinating and beautiful.

From there, Kelly and I split up. She had an appointment elsewhere on Tuesday so I decided to wander across the street (yes, across the STREET) to the Capitol building. It's even more impressive than I thought it would be. The place is freaking huge.

And yes, for political junkies like me the picture on the left was pretty cool. Why? You may well ask. I think...only think mind you...that the dude in the suit with the grey hair is Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. I didn't go wandering too close because there were a bunch of cars there and guys who looked like bodyguards surveying the crowds. Still I'm pretty sure I'm right. Notice the lady in the white shirt and grey shorts? She appears to be holding up a camera to take a picture. Or at least shading her eyes to get a better look. It was quite neat to be there where the business of government happens but since I was alone, I was too chicken to go inside. When I go back to DC - and I am going to go back - I will try to figure out where to go inside to "meet my congressmen" though I'm not entirely sure they will want to meet me if they don't manage to pass a health care reform bill with a public option in it.

And to prove I was REALLY's a pic of me with the Capitol building in the background. No, it is not a backdrop. There are more pictures of DC but I'll post them another day. This blog is already long enough.

Suffice it to say, it was an extraordinary experience that I want to experience again. Preferably, when I am not attending a conference at the same time. To really see the city and all the amazing sites therein, I would have to spend an entire week there doing nothing but visiting the sites and I STILL might not see everything.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

~ Protect and Defend ~ book video

In my preparations for Romanticon, I wanted to get a book video completed for Protect and Defend. I wasn't sure how to complete one myself so the kind and talented Fran Lee created a wonderful one for me.

She did a wonderful job with it. I hope you like it.