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New Release - The Gunny & The Jazz Singer by Jane Leopold Quinn

Welcome to my guest Jane Leopold Quinn. She's celebrating the release of her new book. I'm sure you'll love it so give it a try!

The Gunny & The Jazz Singer
A Birchwood Falls Novel
by Jane Leopold Quinn

I've always loved the idea of small towns.  I grew up in one but have lived in the big city for more years than I did in the small town.  I'm not sure I could re-acclimate to a small town after all these years, so I'll write about them and about the people who live there.

I created a small town called Birchwood Falls and even drew a site plan for the town.

My first character was a Marine home on leave after almost a decade of deployments in the Middle East. What kind of woman would be a good foil for his military persona?  Hmm…a young artistic and musical jazz singer. Marc and Phoebe have divergent goals, but their attraction is real and immediate. They've both lost a great deal in their pasts but find love with each other.

Here's a description of The Gunny & The Jazz Singer -

U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Marc Rahn, Jr. enlisted after high school graduation to escape the pain of his parents' fatal car wreck. Now on leave after eight years and multiple Middle East deployments, he returns to his hometown to put to rest his suspicions that the "accident" might actually have been anything but.

What he doesn't expect on move-in day from the neighbor across the street is an intriguing flash of pierced nipple. The breast's owner, Phoebe Barnes, is a beautiful young jazz singer who has plans to make it big in the music business. Her early years in foster care made her hungry for attention and fame, and she's out to achieve both at almost any cost.

Despite their differing goals, Marc and Phoebe quickly give in to the sizzling attraction between them. But will their passion turn deadly when the person who killed Marc's family decides two murders might not have been enough?

Author's Note:  This book was originally published as Lost and Found.
It now has a new title and new cover.

The Gunny & The Jazz Singer - an R-rated excerpt-

You can do this. It's just sex. No commitment. He swept her into his arms a second after the front door snicked closed. She gasped at the sudden weightlessness, then again when he sat down on the couch. Her heart beat madly, her sensitive nipples pinged and the folds protecting her throbbing clit were swollen and hot, preparing for his touch.
He plucked the butterfly clip out of her hair and dropped it she didn't know where. When he took her lips she didn't care where it went.
His palm cupped her head as he devoured her. It wasn't a sweet kiss or tentative. Massaging her lips, spearing his tongue inside her mouth, he brought out her response—immediate and fierce. She gripped his head and whimpered at his intoxicating, wicked skill.
Lying across his lap left him with room enough to begin opening the buttons of her blouse. The anticipation alone heated the golden ring pierced through her stiffened nipple, which was now growing more and more sensitive the closer he got to it.
"Jesus, I can't get over how gorgeous you are. How perfect." His breath came heavy, his voice a barely heard growl. His lips trailed over her chin to her neck.
He nipped sharply at her skin. There'd be marks. She didn't care. Each stinging bite shot straight to her clit. She squirmed, trying to relieve the agonizing arousal.
He groaned, his hand clamped around her hip. "Hold still, baby. You're killing me."
A laugh burst from her at the same moment he unhooked her bra in the front and spread the cups wide.
"Oh fuck."
Glancing at him, she saw his attention was focused on the ring. "Suck it," she begged.
"Thank you for doing it. The thought of it's been driving me nuts since I first saw it. He gave a brief chuckle before closing his lips over her.
The tip of his tongue immediately slid through the small hoop. The combination of that and gentle tugging and suckling escalated the fire in her belly. Gripping his head, she arched her back and grasped her other breast, pinching and twisting her own nipple.
He paused, raising his head. "Too many clothes…" He stood up and carried her toward the bedroom. "I need you naked and stretched out on my bed."
"Oh Marc." When he put her on her feet to remove her blouse and bra, she attacked his shirt buttons, sliding them free one by one. She pulled off his shirt, and they both surrendered their jeans and underwear, dropping them on the hardwood floor.

The Gunny & The Jazz Singer
is available here for 99 cents pre-order until November 20
Mike Banning, Marc's childhood friend, watch
Marc and Phoebe struggle against a foe and
then are rewarded by finding love with each other.
Look for Mike's love story in
The Bride Takes a Powder
Two county deputies, Hank and Pete, from Parkersburg, a neighboring town,
appear briefly in this story as Phoebe's home town friends.
These deputies have their own love stories also available now.
Hank's story is Home to Stay
Pete's is The Keeper
About Jane

Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, "Why don't you write them
down?" Why not, indeed? One spiral notebook, a pen, and the unleashing of my imagination later, and here I am with nineteen books published. The craft of writing sensual romance has become my passion and my niche in life. I love every part of the creative process—developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories. My careers have been varied—third grade school teacher, bookkeeper, secretary—none of which gave me a bit of inspiration. But now I'm lucky enough to write romance full time—the best job in the universe! And I'm fortunate enough to have found my own happily ever after husband.

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Thank you Veterans!

We value your service. Thank you and all!