Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank you... Happy Memorial Day

This "holiday" always makes me think. Think about everyone who has served in the military in my family and in the nation down through time.

My grandfather served in World War I, my father served in World War II. I didn't have a close friend or family member in VietNam or the first Gulf War, but I've had friends who have served in Iraq. Fortunately for me (and them) all have survived their service in the far flung war torn areas of the world.

Thanks one and all for your service to this country. Regardless of whether I agree with a war effort or not, VietNam taught me never to forget, as a citizen, how important such sacrifice is to those of us who live in the United States.

Friday, May 25, 2007

My voice is changing...

No, I'm not a teenage boy. I mean my writing voice. Why is it happening, and how? Well, you may ask. It shocked the heck outta me!

My first finished manuscript is a contemporary paranormal so there are a few pop culture references (not so many as to date it - I hope), strong language, and sexual content. I've also injected a bit of dry humor and in one spot almost campy humor. What can I say? I'm eclectic.

The manuscript on which I am now working is a medieval paranormal. Everything is different with this one. First, the language is more formal. I left out the thees and thous, but included yeas and nays and it takes more words to say the same thing - they talked more flowery back then. Check it out - Shakespeare probably takes two sentences to say, "I gotta pee." Prithee good sir, where may I find a privy? My innards threaten to burst.

Sorry - I had to try it. But I digress...

The biggest difference I'm finding is how I write the love scenes. I always write sex graphic and hot. That hasn't changed. What has is the way I describe things. Body parts get described a bit more euphemistically. I wouldn't call it lyrical or purple prose, but it isn't contemporary either. As an intellectual exercise, noting the differences is fascinating.

For example I can not imagine using the word clitoris in any kind of historical romance, but especially not in a medieval. The term is too clinical and modern. Instead I used nub or nubbin. Now, happily the word cock was in use back then, but I have trouble imagining a lady knowing or using the term. I decided to have my lord use it to describe himself, but the heroine uses manhood. Yeah, I know...I don't like the word either...too flowery. Somehow it works here. Although on their wedding night, the hero introduces the heroine to his word. Once that happens she can scream it all night if she wants to...and she does. ;-)

Now that was a fun scene to write!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nationals approach swiftly...

After I received my tax refund I took my money and bought my plane ticket for Dallas and paid for my conference fees for the RWA national conference. I am excited and nervous all at once, but I am THRILLED to be able to attend.

What has me so thrilled? Networking. I belong to quite a few online chapters through RWA and I'll get the chance to meet many people who have thus far been only names on an email. Not only that but I may get to meet, or at least see, some of my all time favorite romance authors. Down deep I'm a real fangrrl, I admit it. ;-)

Will I meet Nora? Will I rub shoulders with Christine or Sherrilyn or Robin? Not only will I get to meet new friends, I'll get to meet my heroines. Women who have overcome obstacles to make a name for themselves in romance. How cool is that? On top of all that coolness, I have an appointment to pitch to an editor and may get to pitch to an agent if I stumble across one at a workshop, in the hallway, while eating...just not in the bathroom!!! I been warned about that one, believe me!

Keep your fingers crossed for me in July. It's going to be an incredible trip!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Color me a happy camper

Okay, they have me for at least one more season, as long as the writers don't screw it up again.

The season finale was much more satisfying than most of the rest of the season has been...I'll give them that. But please, Calleigh and Eric are just a no go. Calleigh and the bad boy has possibilities.

BTW - is H ever going to develop a personal life again? It would be nice. It would be even nicer if she was born prior to the initial screening of Star Wars. Better still if just maybe she had even HAZY memories of Watergate or Vietnam.

Don't mind me, I'm just a writer frustrated with one of my favorite shows and how far off the beaten path they've traveled - and NOT in a good way.

Thankfully, there's hope for next season.

Monday, May 7, 2007

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down....

It's been raining for days, and I for one, am sick of it! I mean, I know April showers bring May flowers, but this is ridiculous! And what purpose do May showers serve, I ask you?

Oh, now I admit it can be fascinating. On Friday, April 27th I went flying. It had been raining for nearly a week straight and the South Skunk River had flooded (probably still is for all I know)! So in the air we flew toward a lake that wasn't normally there. It looked VERY cool from the air.

The funniest part was there is an adult bookstore near here right off the interstate. It has been dubbed "Porn in the Corn." The building and the road running to it were passable, but it was surrounded by its own little moat. God help us if our porn became inaccessible. LOL Also, let no one say God wants to smite porn, because if he did - there wouldn't be a moat. There would be a lake with the porn store solidly at the bottom. ;-)

Anyway - more rain during the weekend complete with a tornado and flooding in Iowa. Enough already! My honey pots are already as high as they can get!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What are they thinking?

Yup, I'm a long time fan of CSI: Miami. I like all the CSI franchises, but I admit I was partial to Miami and especially Horatio Caine. Now, I was not a major David Caruso fan in the NYPD Blue days - or since. I don't know if he was too cocky or his hair was too red. But age has made him hot. Kind of like what happened to David Bowie - but that's another column.

But as a writer I need to write a little rant...spoilers will be involved so close your eyes unless you don't care or have already seen the episodes...

So anyway, I was happily watching the story arcs waiting for H and Yelena to get together when Ray returns and whisks her away. Okay... I can cope. It is all bittersweet and H is adrift again. But then the 4th season happened and so did Marisol Delko. First of all - this woman looks young enough to be his daughter.

Now I KNOW there are men that date women 20-30 years younger but they are usually guys like Hugh Hefner or actors like Michael Douglas - not regular guys like cops. It kind of creeped me out. Remember this is supposed to be Horatio Caine and not David Caruso (50 year old new dad - more power to him) we are discussing. Let us not confuse the two men.

Okay - so he dates a 28 year old woman and he's in the neighborhood of 50. I try to swallow it - but then there is no passion between them. Hell there was more passion between H and Yelena (whom he maybe dated) than there ever was between H and Marisol (whom he married)! No physical affection for Marisol and I'm not talking about him carrying her off to the bedroom but how bout a single kiss...even on the cheek? Nothing. She touches him - he doesn't touch her. And when she is conveniently killed the day of their wedding (and what's up with THAT!!) who kisses her on her death bed? Her husband? Her brother. Her husband wants to run and get the bad guys. Understandable to want to get the guys that killed your wife, but the only emotion he shows is a few tears which do NOT escape - because he's a manly man.

Can we tell I'm fed up with the writers? The topper was last night. H is the kind of guy who HAS gone out on a limb for his people. Hell, he all but covered up a drug test for Eric, but let Ryan be human and have a gambling debt and he's fired? Excuse me? Does H face him down and fire Ryan himself? No. He lets...get this...STETTLER do it. Arrrrgh.

Where is the Horatio I used to love? I wish the writers would get a grip and quit tweaking or whatever they are doing before I turn it off permanently. And it will cost them money if I cease to watch - I've bought all the past seasons on DVD.

Oh Horatio, we hardly knew ye....where did you go?
rant over...for now...stay tuned!