Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fired by my Doctor

Yesterday I got "fired" by my doctor (GP). She said I'd missed too many appointments. I missed one two days ago and yesterday I called to get in because I was out of meds. I specifically told them to call me at work and gave them my phone number - they called my home number so I NEVER got the message.

I dropped by the office at the end of the day and the doctor's nurse (not the doctor because she couldn't lower herself to see me) dropped the bombshell. Apparently, if you reschedule appointments they don't like that either - that's considered a no show and I'd had to reschedule past appointments. I got my prescription but then was told the doctor (and I now use that term loosely) was going to drop me as a patient. If I repeatedly blew off appointments maybe I could see it, but I hadn't. 

I was gobsmacked and mad as hell.

But now I realize that she did me a favor. I thought back over my past appointments. I realized that this doctor would spend maybe five minutes with me when I would come in. She'd listen to my heart, tell me to go see other doctors but she didn't listen to me or really pay me much attention. Also, when I broke my arm she sent a nurse practitioner to see me instead of seeing me herself. This tells me that this person isn't in medicine to cure people, but to make money. I don't need that kind of doctor. So thanks for showing me your true colors, doc. Blessed be.

Has something like this ever happened to you? What do you make of it?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toys for the Discerning Domme 

Saw this image posted on Facebook today and it gave me all kinds of naughty and wicked ideas for a Domme heroine I'm writing. I can picture her applying careful pressure to certain points of the hero's anatomy until he yells...with happiness. Oh yeah. I'm evil. LOL