Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Thirteen: Favorite Implements of Seduction

Ah, seduction. Without it a romance isn't a romance. But as we know, seduction can take many forms and for this Thursday blog post, I thought I'd consider some of my favorite toys to include in love/sex scenes in an erotic romance.

1.    Hand.

Admit it. There's nothing sexier than the large hand of a sexy man. The way a man grasps an arm...a waist...a breast...or an ass. It's just hot. And when he applies that large palm to an upturned ass for a hot spanking? I mean what could be better than that?

2.    Paddle.
In keeping with the motif of a hot spanking, never underestimate the effectiveness of black leather paddle. The loud slap. The sting.

3.    Cuffs.
What's hotter than a submissive tied up and at the mercy of a sexy dominant? Yeah, exactly. Nothing. I love to use bondage in a scene when I'm writing. Leather cuffs. Metal handcuffs. Whatever it takes to restrain the submissive helps make a scene super hot.

4.  Butt Plug

Some of the hottest scenes I've read by other authors have involved butt plugs. The intimacy of the dominant sliding a butt plug into the willing ass of a submissive makes for a seriously hot read.

5.    Vibrator.

What's hot about a vibrator? What's not? Imagine a dominant applying the buzz to various body parts (clit, nipple, cunt or cock) while the bound sub cries out in pleasure, begging for more. Eventually the submissive screams for the buzzing to stop...and yet it doesn't. Forced orgasms. Climax after climax. Pain and pleasure merge into the ultimate mind fuck.

6.    Rope.

Another kind of bondage. Cuffs have their place, but rope can be used all over a body. Rope bondage is a special kind of hot. It can be used to increase the intimacy between dominant and submissive. It can also be an art form. That's school.

7.    Mouth.

Whether with a kiss, a lick, or a brush, a mouth is one of the sexiest toys around. Better yet, it's portable and always available. The mouth is also a conduit for the voice. Whispers. Commands. Husky. Whimpers and groans of pleasure. The possibilities are limitless.

8.    Spanking Bench.

A spanking bench isn't necessary, but it's a fun addition to any scene. It allows a dominant to have the submissive bent over for a hot spanking. The submissive can be bound to the bench too. Possible scenarios are only limited to the dominant's imagination.

9.    Food.
One of the sexiest scenes in 9 1/2 Weeks was the food scene in the kitchen. Elizabeth is blindfolded and John feeds her. Sticky. Spicy. Wet. Gooey. Talk about hot. Food stimulates the appetite...all appetites.

10.  Candles.

Candles provide subdued lighting to set an intimate mood. In addition, candles provide melted wax for sexy scenes involving drips of hot wax on sensitive skin. To get wild and crazy, add a little fire play to the mix to create a hint of danger.

11.  St. Andrews Cross.

Another alternative for bondage possibilities. Of course, the submissive could just stand against it and hold on, but combining rope with the cross adds to the mental intensity of the scene. The submissive feels helpless in a delicious way. They are able to really give themselves up to their dominant for an intensely hot scene.

12.  Ball gag.

Sometimes a scene is hotter when a submissive begs loud and long. But sometimes, a ball gag can be added to help the submissive immerse themselves even deeper into their own submission.

13.  Brain.

Okay, it doesn't LOOK sexy, but it is the most imperative part of a hot scene. Tease the brain and the body will follow. The dominant uses the brain to plan the scene out and to tease the submissive's wild imagination.

So what do you think?  Are any of these your favorites? Have I missed anything you think I should have included?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Interview with Torin Stuart of Controlling Interest

Today we are interviewing Torin Stuart owner of Erotically Bound, a BDSM club in Washington DC. Tor's life became an open book when Francesca Hawley wrote a sexy tell-all about his relationship with Mozelle (Mouse) Vincent.

Here's what he had to say:

• What is your favorite ice cream?

Chocolate, because I've never been a vanilla guy.

• What is your favorite thing about Mouse?

Her gorgeous, spankable ass. She's got these amazing curves that she usually hides under business suits, but damn...she's hot...even if she doesn't believe it.

• What is your favorite sexual talent Mouse possesses?

Her beautiful surrender. I love the way she submits with complete trust. It's humbling.

• If there is something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Mouse, what would it be?

I wish I'd ignored my mother's rules about not mixing business with pleasure. I was attracted to Mouse from the moment we met and we would have been together for years instead of just finally connecting. But Mouse was worth waiting for.

• What do you most fear?

Losing Mouse the way I lost my mother—far too young.

• If your life were a book, what would you prefer the author not tell readers about you?

That I'm romantic and sentimental. I prefer to have everyone think I'm a hardass.

• Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one.

My mother. She was tough and uncompromising, yet she deeply loved my father. As a loving dominant, she was supportive of my father's role as submissive while encouraging him to be everything he could be. I hope I'm that kind of husband and dominant to Mouse.


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Monday, February 8, 2016

Release Day!

 Controlling Interest

 Available on Feb. 8, 2016

It's hard to keep things strictly business when the naturally submissive Mozelle “Mouse” Vincent challenges Torin Stuart at every turn and he finds there's more at stake than a controlling interest in the exclusive BDSM club they now share. Because love is the ultimate prize in their power exchange.

Note: This title was previously published.

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