Monday, July 23, 2012

Blog guest at Romantic Times!

Hi everyone,
   I'm super excited! I'm a guest blogger at the Romantic Times Book Reviews blog. I'm talking about Who's on top when two Alpha shapeshifters face off based on my book Alpha vs. Alpha. AvA received a 4 1/2 star review from RT in the August 2012 issue of the magazine too.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Vitual Blog Tour - Jean Hart Stewart's Fiery Pursuit

I want to welcome my guest today, Jean Hart Stewart. She's celebrating her new release, Fiery Pursuit. At every stop, Jean will give one commenter her choice of a book from Jean's backlist which can be found at At the end of the tour, one random commenter, as well as the host with the most comments (not counting their own or Jean's) will win their pick of Jean's books in print, plus a *Fiery Pursuits* t-shirt. So comment often and follow Jean's blog tour to increase your chances to win! For the blog today, I asked Jean how she came up with her unique story concept.

Here's her response:

Where did the idea come from to mix elves and Constantinople as I did in Fiery Pursuit? You ask a great question and I’ll answer it as well as I can. I knew I was starting a new series, hopefully of eight books, for Ellora’s Cave and that it would be about elves. After all, I’ve done Druids and Mages, so needed a new set of heroes. Sexy handsome elves appealed to me. Lars is an irresistible dose of male attraction. I always start my series far enough back that I can allow the protagonists to raise a family, and then trace the children’s lives. And I had the first chapter written, which is selling a beautiful slave at auction. Constantinople seemed the perfect place as harem auctions were still occurring there in the year 1898. I hope you all like Lars as well as I do. He’s yummy, masterful, and kind, all at the same time. And of course he’s gloriously handsome.

The research was fascinating, as always. I loved researching first for the concept of elves. It turns out elves come in many different shapes and sizes according to folklore of various countries. Scandinavian elves are tall and handsome and I certainly did not want my hero to look like a gnome (who are technically in the elf family). Once I had the nationality the name Lars came easily. So I had the first chapter, the name of the hero, and the concept. This book was a joy to write. It’s different from my others, but then again it had better be. The main difference is this is the first book I’ve written that is frankly erotica. The second book, Stormy Pursuit, is now being edited and the third, Dark Pursuit is in the editor’s queue. The fourth one, tentatively called Dangerous Pursuit is giving me fits and I’ve only about 60 pages written. My heroine is being a bit stubborn.

That’s nothing new in a writer’s life, so don’t worry. I’ll get it straightened out soon. Thanks, Francesca, for inviting me today!

* * *

When Lars uses his Elfin power to rescue Sophie from a slave market in Constantinople he knows instantly she is meant to be his mate. But the murderer of Sophie’s father still pursues her, and Lars must all his strength to try to save her. And convince Sophie he is what she wants.

The villain who sold her into slavery reappears and Lars needs all his Elfin strength. When his power mysteriously weakens, can Lars get it back? And will it be enough to save them both?


Lars had seldom felt so wordless. He’d lived his years in pleasure and with pain. More pleasure than pain certainly, as his elfin abilities gave him immeasurable advantage in most situations. But always with honor. And now, to be offered the one thing he wanted the most, masked in a reasoning he could not quite dismiss.

As he hesitated he looked at her. He noticed the distress in Sophie’s eyes as tears filled them, but she didn’t waver. She looked lost as a child in a dark forest, and well she might. Her life as she knew it had been ripped away. She’d suffered for weeks at the hands of uncaring brutes.

She needed the cherishing he’d longed to give her. And the life-long protection he’d commit to at the same time. He’d not tell her yet of his sudden and complete certainty they were each other’s destiny. But he realized it to the depths of his soul, and he’d go to her with that conviction.

He moved quickly, wrapping her in his arms. He’d give her what she wanted, and gladly, and he’d not tell her yet that in doing so he was committing himself for whatever length of life remained to him. He’d pleasure her—oh, how he’d pleasure her–even though she wouldn’t know he was giving her his total love and his soul.

Elves loved only once, and deeply. He’d almost decided he’d never find the one girl for him.

* * *

Love living in California, even though I’m a transplant. Love writing and all it entails, crazy characters demanding to be let loose on the page, long hours of research, every bit of it. I raised two children and spent about twenty years in real estate before I summoned the courage to quit and do what I always wanted to do, WRITE! While he was alive my husband was my first-stop editor and biggest fan. Now that my children are accustomed to my writing sexy novels they’re equally supportive.

I’m currently finishing my 24th book, tentatively named Double Pursuit and I have four books coming out this year. My Mage series is finished and I’ve started a new series where the new hero has Elfin blood. He’s fun, as well as tall, lithe and gifted. I think I’m blessed as well as lucky. Do write me with any questions. I love to hear from readers!


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