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Virtual Blog Tour - Lori Toland's The Long Con

Greetings all!   Today I want to welcome Lori Toland to my blog. She agreed to respond to some interview questions for me so we can all get to know her better and yes, prizes can be involved. Grin...

*Lori will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter and to the host with the most comments (excluding the host's and the author's).*

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1. Which person in your life influenced you the most with your writing?

My mom. She told me I could do anything I wanted and she always believed in me. I really wish she was around to see me getting published. She would probably be more well-known than me! J When she was alive, she was loved very much.

 2. What is your writing process? Are you a plotter or a “pantser”?

I’m officially a plotser. I love plotting and having this huge, grand idea that is all plotted out, but I also know when to let the characters take the reins.

3. Is one of your books your personal favorite?

I have to say “The Long Con” is my favorite so far. The chemistry is wildly sexy. It was a fun book to write and when editing it, I really enjoyed reading it. I would get lost in reading the story.

4. What inspired you to write male/male romances?

Two men together is pretty hot but I just tell the story however the characters decide. It’s not really up to me and, boy, if I suggest something that the characters aren’t going for… Haha! It just won’t happen. I’ll run into a brick wall.

5. How did you come up with the idea for your latest book?

Well, my husband told me about an agency in the UK tasked with protecting the borders from organized crime called the Serious Organised Crime Agency. He more mentioned the agency’s logo, which is a seal that looks like it’s from the Thundercats cartoon. LOL. And a story was born when Agent Bradley showed up.

6. What’s coming up next for you in your writing?

Well for writing, I have several projects. I’m working on another story in the SOCA universe with a new pairing. We’ll see where that goes :D but more BDSM for sure. And of course, I have my next story with Dreamspinner Press coming out for the June Daily Dose about a time traveling scientist. The story is called “Worth The Wait” and I hope you enjoy it.

7. How did you do research for The Long Con?

There was a lot of research to do on this book, including the Mafia, and the Fabergé egg. It seemed like all I did was search online for different websites. I also had to research the hierarchy of England’s police force and find out if SOCA really would be involved in an theft of a piece of art. It was a lot of fun though!

8. What do you enjoy reading for pleasure?

Anything I can get my hands on, as long as there is a great romance.

9. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Pinkberry! I love my frozen yogurt! :-)  Okay, that’s not a guilty pleasure really because frozen yogurt is good for you at least.

10. What is your favorite quote and why?

I don’t think I have one. I use movie quotes in person. :-)

11. What's your favorite curse word and why?

Twat. My husband has this certain way of saying it that makes me laugh. He’s British and with that accent, he sounds very sexy when he says it. ;)
* * * * *


British Agent Nathaniel Bradley is tasked with bringing home a stolen heirloom. After tracking the Faberge egg all the way to a group of criminals in New York, Bradley infiltrates a ring of con artists and gets sucked into the role of a high priced prostitute.

While hoping for a chance to take back what is rightfully his, Bradley’s sole mission becomes to seduce Tony Terranova, Jr, the heir to a notorious mafia dynasty. Though Tony is strikingly handsome, the usually dominant Bradley is hesitant to submit to the sexual whims of a dangerous Mafioso.

What Bradley doesn't expect is for Tony to fall to his knees so eagerly for him, leaving him blindsided by how intensely their dark tastes complement each other. Now Bradley is caught up in a deadly game of lies and desire, where what he truly wants may not be what duty requires.


I walked through the crowd and traded my glass of champagne just as I saw my target. He knew how to dress to stand out, and it wasn’t just the color of his jacket. His thick build was obvious and accentuated by the cut of his jacket. His muscles rippled beneath the expensive material as he lifted a glass of champagne to his mouth. I swallowed my sigh.

He glanced my way, and I froze. Amanda had described him and shown me a few grainy reconnaissance photos, but nothing prepared me for facing him head-on. His dark hair and tanned skin contrasted with his pale blue eyes, and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

I held his gaze for a minute and then turned away, but his curious expression made my heart pound. I walked toward another display near the one he stood by, a portrait by a famous Russian artist. Terranova noticed me, but he wasn’t being obvious with his interest.

It was this perfect moment where everything seemed to be falling into place, and for one second I worried this was a setup. Always being on my guard kept me alive, especially during drug busts and dangerous missions. I brushed aside the fears and pushed on.

I looked over at him and shot him an enigmatic smile, one that begged him to come and find out what I was thinking. When I saw him walking in my direction, I mentally patted myself on the back and sipped my champagne as he got closer to me. His gaze never left mine.

I could see why this man intimidated people. His eye contact alone would make almost anyone nervous, but not me. He had an aura about him, as if he were a caged animal kept hungry and was just waiting to pounce. Confidence poured from every ounce of his being. I didn’t look away as he came up to me. I couldn’t; he had seduced me.

* * * * *

Wow, sounds way hot! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, Lori. Good luck with your new release!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

CEO by day, erotic romance writer by night, Lori Toland lives in Orlando where the summers are hot but the romance between her characters is even hotter. Writing since the tender age of 13, Lori somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her beloved cats and a husband who will forever be her hero.

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Lori Toland is my blog guest tomorrow!

Stop by tomorrow to find out more about The Long Con and Lori Toland!

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Spring Break Tour with contest!

Greetings everyone!  Today I want to welcome Kathy Kulig to my blog. Kathy Kulig is the award-winning author of sizzling paranormal, contemporary and erotic romances. Critics have described her writing as “very raw and hot”, “wonderfully unique” and “entertaining and captivating”. She’s won or placed in a number of writing contests including the PRISM Award, the EPIC Award, the Maggie, the Fire and Ice Contest, and others. Her interest in mythology, quantum physics and the supernatural, and also her extensive background in science provide inexhaustible material for new projects in the paranormal realms. Expect a hot, passionate read with lots of adventure.

Ménages:  Is More HOTTER?

Ménage à trois or threesomes are very popular in erotic romance. The idea of three people getting it on is hard to resist (ha) and a challenge to write. In erotic romance, probably the most common ménage is two men and one woman. Of course there are two female/one male ménages, all male and all female. And there are all kinds of emotional dynamics, different sexual orientation, etc. to explore in each, so to keep it brief, I’ll only be talking about two men/one woman in this post.

When it comes to sexual interaction, there are two basic types here too. M-F-M, means the two men have intercourse with the woman but the men don’t have sex with each other. A M-M-F ménage would mean the men do have sex with each other as well as with the woman. But that doesn’t mean in the heat of the moment the men in a M-F-M ménage don’t end up touching or brushing up against the other’s naughty bits. When everything is that close in a sexual encounter, accidental intimate touching will occur.

In some relationships, a couple has been dating a while, or are married and decide to bring in a third person in a sexual encounter either to live out a sexual fantasy, to spice up their love life or because one or the other is attracted to the third person. The third reason is especially common for couples involved in a swinging lifestyle. Or it might be a one-time curiosity fling. In a swinging lifestyle, a couple feels multiple sexual partners enhance their sexual journey as a couple and puts a little spice into their social life and marriage.

Another scenario I’ve seen in ménage stories is a more polyamorous relationship where there’s a sexual and emotional connection (real relationship) between all three. Not just sex.

If the three partners are married, it would be called polygamy.

So you might be thinking, what’s the difference between a polyamorous relationship and the swinging lifestyle? Both are “open relationships” looking for sex with multiple partners. The swinger couple has more recreational sex with friends, think, “friends with benefits”. A polyamorous relationship is a deeper emotional connection like boyfriends and girlfriends.

Besides erotic romance books, you’ll find ménages in classic or mainstream fiction and film too. Here are a few:


Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden (1986). An American expatriate couple who bring another woman into their marriage.

Jean Rhys, Quartet (1928). Rhys’ fictionalized affair with Ford Madox Ford.

Robert Heilein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. A 3-some family unit with a wife, a senior husband and a junior husband living on the moon.

Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood. A man with two wives.

Laurell K. Hamilton and her Anita Blake series. Asher, Anita Blake and Jean-Claude.


Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (1969) Butch, Sundance and Etta Place.

Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) a homosexual man, heterosexual woman and bisexual man.

Summer Lovers (1982) Vacationers in Greece. F-M-F

The Duchess (2008) w/Keira Knightly and Ralph Fienness. Ménage among the British royalty.

Ménages makes for entertaining a hot reads. Check out the Ellora’s Cave website and scroll down on the left side for ménages. They have tons of great stories. In my current release, Spring Break, my characters have a ménage in a sex (swing) club.

SPRING BREAK by Kathy Kulig

Release April 13

Exotika, contemporary

ISBN: 9781419939822


Spring break beyond your wildest fantasies? If Justin Watkins can stop keeping watch over his college students like Big Brother, he might convince the prim-and-proper Mariko Maguire to be his sex partner at the invitation-only adult club called TropiX.
Mariko is in Fort Lauderdale on business, trying to secure new clients for her PR firm. Abandoning prior commitments for one wickedly lustful evening—a one-night stand of kinky sex—was not on her agenda.

Carter Bosworth is looking for an evening of sex games during his layover in the tropical playground. He’s a regular at TropiX and always open for a new thrill. His plans are sidetracked, but it may be to his benefit after all when he meets the beautiful Mariko.

The potent heat developing between Justin and Mariko tempts her into shedding her inhibitions, and an exploration in eroticism develops beyond her imagination at the fetish club.

What types of ménages do you like to read in books? Paranormal or contemporary? I also have a paranormal ménage in my book Dragon Witch. (a biologist/witch, a space pilot, a shapeshifting dragon) and they’re on another planet. J What are your thoughts about ménages?

CONTEST:  I’m giving away a FREE ebook from my backlist. To enter, leave a comment on this post with your email and a name will be selected tomorrow. Thanks so much for visiting and thank you Francesca for having me. Can’t wait to see you at Romanticon in October!!

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Bend Over Cowboy- new release from Paris Brandon

Hey everyone,Today I'd like to welcome my critique partner, Paris Brandon to my blog. She has a great new release from Ellora's Cave titled, Bend Over Cowboy. One lucky commenter today will win their choice of one of the e-books from Paris' backlist. Let the commenting begin and good luck to all. I can vouch that all of Paris' books are awesome!

Short, Sweet and Sexy!

How can I possibly call a story that involves strap-on sex, sweet? 

Perhaps I view the world a little differently but I believe that hot sex in a relationship can be sweet and funny. I’m a big fan of the “What if?” question. I’ve always loved a story where two consenting adults were having fun while exploring the boundaries of pleasure. Which is how my newest Ellora’s Cave Quickie, BEND OVER, COWBOY made its way from my quirky little brain onto the page.
If you enjoy short stories with a healthy dose of romance, hot sex and mutual respect have a peek at the excerpt and leave me a comment and I’ll choose someone to receive a copy from my backlist:

Cross My Heart…a Night Owl Review 5 Star Top Pick
Head Over Heels/Book One/Red Stilettos…5 Stars, The Romance Studio
Assassin’s Kiss…4 Stars from Romantic Times
No Holds Barred…4 Stars, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The toss of a coin, a whispered request and some very interesting toys add up to an amorous weekend for an adventurous woman who isn’t afraid of asking for what she wants and a pleasure seeking cowboy that’s finally found a woman who can give as good as she gets!

An Excerpt From: BEND OVER, COWBOY
Copyright © PARIS BRANDON, 2012
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You plan on misbehavin’ anytime soon?” he asked, sounding hopeful as hell. His sexy grin made her want to drag him into the nearest dark corner and rub up against him like a cat but she’d just caught Livy’s confused what-the-hell-does-he-see-in-your-big-butt glare.

For someone as astute as the beautiful marketing executive usually was about business, she didn’t have a clue about personal relationships. Livy, with her lithe little cheerleader body and her surgically perfect profile was a trophy hunter and she couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that Tall didn’t have any interest in being part of her collection.

Bless her heart.

Kitty had had about all this party she could politely stand and she could tell Tall was getting itchy when he reached into his pants pocket.

“I think it’s time for our annual coin toss,” he suggested, pulling out what she knew to be the same quarter he’d used the first time they’d cut and run from Marcy’s annual to-do.

She knew because he kept it on the dresser in his bedroom. “Toss away, cowboy. I call heads,” she said sweetly and watched him flip the coin into the air, catch it and slap it down on the back of his hand.

His lips twitched after he lifted his palm and she knew she’d won again. “You are the luckiest woman alive.”

“Don’t I know it,” she bragged and couldn’t resist winking at him.

She’d been flirting with the idea of how this night was going to end since last summer’s Fourth of July impromptu photo shoot when she’d posed him naked except for his chaps and boots. And that raggedy-ass cowboy hat that was almost as battered as he was after surviving riding bulls and anything else he could get his hands on during his ten-year stint on the rodeo circuit.

She smiled and he looked wary, but as usual, very eager.

“Are you going to tell me what I’m in for or are you just going to smile all night and make me guess?”

She leaned in close and breathed in the sharp tang of his cologne that reminded her of crisp, dry leaves, earthy moss and sun-warmed leather. “I want to take you to bed and not let you out for days. I want to tie you up and watch your face while I take you every way you can imagine and some I hope you haven’t even thought about yet. And I want to strap on the prettiest pink cock you ever saw and fuck your ass until you beg for mercy.”

She watched him swallow hard and try to get his breathing under control while her heart was doing flip-flops. She was so wet she’d almost made herself come just from describing what she wanted to do to him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she went into his embrace, enjoying the feel of his just-bordering-on-impolite-grasp and parted her lips for his kiss. His tongue swept inside like a conquering hero while his big hands cupped her ass so hard she knew they’d leave marks. So much for behaving in public.

His mouth telegraphed a desperate need that she tried to match but she’d wanted him under her for so long that she started to shake and finally stopped wondering how his mouth could be so hard and sweet at the same time.

“Always said I wanted a woman who could give as good as she gets,” he whispered after he finally broke the kiss. She almost creamed her panties when she felt the full-body shudder that racked him.

“So you’re up for it?”

“Yeah baby,” he whispered and placed her hand over the erection tenting his pants. He licked his lips and his gaze locked on to hers. “I’m up for it.”

 Buy Link:

Also available at :

Happy Reading!
Paris Brandon

Bend Over, Cowboy: 5 Stars & a Recommended Read from:

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Guest tomorrow!

Paris Brandon will be a guest on my blog tomorrow! Stop by to learn more about my critique partner and her new release, Bend Over Cowboy!

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Virtual Blog Tour - Nara Malone's Snatch Me

A big welcome to fellow EC author, Nara Malone. She's joining us today to talk about the virtual world research she did for her latest release, Snatch Me. I've done some play in Second Life, so this will be a great read for anyone into virtual worlds and online gaming! Thanks for stopping by Nara!

Nara will be giving away a $10 Ellora’s Cave GC to one randomly drawn commenter during her virtual blog tour. So follow Nara on her tour and get a better chance at winning by commenting often.

When Romance Research Gets Too Hot To Handle…

I was hanging upside down by my ankles, caught in a rookie trap while three hunters dueled over me.
I explained when the winner cut me loose: "I'm not here for sex submission. I'm a writer, researching virtual role play."
He nodded and smiled. A leash snapped out, coiled around my neck. "No Anglais," he said.
Yep, that really happened. I was in a virtual role play world, doing research for my newest novel, Snatch Me, when I wound up in a situation that felt an awful lot like a scene from a novel.  I was in a world where all men were designated hunters and all females designated prey. I had to put on a special software tag that enabled the men to take me captive. That’s something a lot of people don’t know about these games. We’re not talking about rape play. You have to make deliberate choices to participate and even in the current situation the first thing a hunter will do is confirm that you want to stay with him, except when the pesky problem of a language barrier crops up:

What would you do if a giant, nearly-naked man hooked a leash around your neck? I took a giant step back. Yep, right into that same trap. Once again I was upside down, nose to nose with...not his nose.

Could it get worse? Yes.
I think he said this: "So, vous voulez choyer mon Popsicle."
I wasn’t sure what he wanted done to his Popsicle, but I could make a fair guess.
And yeah, that really happened too. I love virtual reality, but I am no wizard when it comes to getting around in cyber worlds. I can build a virtual world with trees and buildings and cozy little romantic corners where you can go hangout with your lover, secret spots where you can explore the more exotic flavors of love. I’ve recreated the setting for the Snatch Me novel in virtual reality and put it online for my readers to explore for free. But when it comes to walking a straight line through a virtual world without getting into trouble, I’m hopeless…
As soon as the hunter cut me down the second time, I dove through a hedge.
Bad move.
His horse was on the other side, and due to something called lag, I wound up with the horse attached to my head.  Unable to see where I was going I staggered forward and tumbled into the river.
You have to appreciate the complexities of virtual reality physics to understand how you can wind up with a horse stuck to your head. It has to do with horses being attachments you can wear and madly clicking with a mouse when you’re in a panic. Even though my captor didn’t understand English, he knew how to save me. I was thinking he’d be running the other way himself at that point. But he gallantly stuck with me.
He rescued me from the river and detached the horse from my head. He even supplied a change of clothing.
His mistake was turning his back on me while I put them on.
Mine was stealing his horse.
Unfortunately, his pet eagle was trained to fetch. There was just no escaping this guy.

Despite all the difficulties that can crop up, I believe in-person research is the way to go. You never know what you don’t know. You never know what kind of adventures can present themselves. My research adventures with the hunters were fun and the world was a primitive, pre-civilized setting. Snatch Me takes place in a post-civilized setting, the post-apocalyptic world of the Quarterz. And being much cooler and more skilled than I am, heroine Jolie’s adventures are go-up-in-smoke hot.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to the trials and tribulations of author life and to the world of capture role-play. If you’re wondering how things turned out with me that hunter. I could fill a book explaining, but I’m gonna wave my romance writer’s magic wand and pretend us a happy ending. After all, isn’t that why we all love romance novels?

~Nara Malone


Blurb:  From the moment Jolie discovers the Quarterz, a virtual post-apocalyptic world for capture role-players, she can’t resist the challenge. She’s chosen a hard game, where sexual submission to a captor is expected, demanded, no quarter given. She uses the challenge to escape real life and feels a sense of kinship to a world like the Quarterz, a society too broken to fix.

Mack created the Quarterz and took a gamble when he secretly lured Jolie there. He suspects he and Jolie share sexual interests that neither can admit in person. Now he has to hope that time in the Quarterz can help Jolie cope as she struggles to rebuild her life. He has to stand back and allow her to find her way in a game where he’s not always the captor. But when the game is over, he’s determined to be the one who wins Jolie for real.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
An Excerpt From: SNATCH ME
Copyright © NARA MALONE, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

I’m hovering in the entrance to an alley. And yeah, I know there is trouble at the other end. An overturned police cruiser a few feet away is on fire, oily black smoke curls upward, fading into a blacker sky. The streetlamps here were broken so long ago there are no fragments of lens glass left under them. If those clues weren’t warning enough, No Escape is emblazoned in red spray paint across the gray cinderblock wall that marks the Quarterz entrance.
I know. I know. This is not a place girls should go alone. It’s not a place girls should go together. It’s no place for a young woman in a denim miniskirt, a translucent white tank top, no bra, no panties. But that’s what I am and that’s what I’m wearing.
I don’t know. Maybe because I’ve stopped caring. Maybe because when I’m standing here at the opening of this dark alley, that dead, empty feeling I’ve lived with these past months is washed away by a sizzle of nerves, a longing for the challenge of a fight, and a belief that I have a fair shot at winning.
I’m drawn to this place like a moth to a flame. I feel a kinship with the Quarterz—understand the hopelessness of being too broken to fix. I’ve spent three days arguing with myself, telling myself this is a bad idea, but I knew three days ago the sanest of my selves was outnumbered. I can’t be free from the pull of this place until I know why I want this. Until I’ve looked my darkest desires in the eye and walked through them.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Whether it's a shapeshifter romance exploring the primal power of the wild feminine, or BDSM romance where love digs into a character's shadows, Nara believes romance should open the door and push lovers into a new dimension: sexually, emotionally, and sometimes physically.
Nara Malone is an award winning novelist and poet. As a freelance journalist and writer, her feature profiles on women entrepreneurs and her romantic short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications.

Nara lives on a small farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not writing, she loves to run, hike, bike, and kayak. Every story she tells incorporates her love of animals, nature, and adventure.

You can contact her through Twitter, Face Book, or Yahoo mail. The user ID is nara_malone for all three.
Author Nara Malone -
Snatch Me--Sex Bytes Exotika  -

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Guest tomorrow --- Nara Malone!

Hi all,
   I'm really please to let you all know that Nara Malone will be my blog guest tomorrow. She is celebrating her latest release. I hope you all stop by to give her a warm welcome and check out her new book. Her post, When Romance Research Gets Too Hot To Handle... discusses her adventures in Second Life to research her new release, Snatch Me from Ellora's Cave Publishing. Follow Nara's blog tour and comment - she's giving away a prize at the end of her tour!