Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What are they thinking?

Yup, I'm a long time fan of CSI: Miami. I like all the CSI franchises, but I admit I was partial to Miami and especially Horatio Caine. Now, I was not a major David Caruso fan in the NYPD Blue days - or since. I don't know if he was too cocky or his hair was too red. But age has made him hot. Kind of like what happened to David Bowie - but that's another column.

But as a writer I need to write a little rant...spoilers will be involved so close your eyes unless you don't care or have already seen the episodes...

So anyway, I was happily watching the story arcs waiting for H and Yelena to get together when Ray returns and whisks her away. Okay... I can cope. It is all bittersweet and H is adrift again. But then the 4th season happened and so did Marisol Delko. First of all - this woman looks young enough to be his daughter.

Now I KNOW there are men that date women 20-30 years younger but they are usually guys like Hugh Hefner or actors like Michael Douglas - not regular guys like cops. It kind of creeped me out. Remember this is supposed to be Horatio Caine and not David Caruso (50 year old new dad - more power to him) we are discussing. Let us not confuse the two men.

Okay - so he dates a 28 year old woman and he's in the neighborhood of 50. I try to swallow it - but then there is no passion between them. Hell there was more passion between H and Yelena (whom he maybe dated) than there ever was between H and Marisol (whom he married)! No physical affection for Marisol and I'm not talking about him carrying her off to the bedroom but how bout a single kiss...even on the cheek? Nothing. She touches him - he doesn't touch her. And when she is conveniently killed the day of their wedding (and what's up with THAT!!) who kisses her on her death bed? Her husband? Uh...no. Her brother. Her husband wants to run and get the bad guys. Understandable to want to get the guys that killed your wife, but the only emotion he shows is a few tears which do NOT escape - because he's a manly man.

Can we tell I'm fed up with the writers? The topper was last night. H is the kind of guy who HAS gone out on a limb for his people. Hell, he all but covered up a drug test for Eric, but let Ryan be human and have a gambling debt and he's fired? Excuse me? Does H face him down and fire Ryan himself? No. He lets...get this...STETTLER do it. Arrrrgh.

Where is the Horatio I used to love? I wish the writers would get a grip and quit tweaking or whatever they are doing before I turn it off permanently. And it will cost them money if I cease to watch - I've bought all the past seasons on DVD.

Oh Horatio, we hardly knew ye....where did you go?
rant over...for now...stay tuned!

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