Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh, the horror.... I must write a synopsis!

What's scarier than a blood-thirsty vampire or a ghoul looking for meat? Well, for most writers, it's the synopsis.

It sure is for me! When it comes to writing a story, I'm a certified pantser (plot by the seat of my pants). Oh I have a general idea where the story is going to end when I'm done, but the journey getting there is as much as a mystery to me as to my characters. So when I'm told I need to come up with a synopsis, I start to sweat and shake. No, really!

Also, I am always writing my synopsis after the fact. Once I've finished my story, I try to write out the plot line so I can share it with others (like agents or editors). Now if that isn't scary, what is??

So I write out what happens as best I can and either include way too much (so the thing is ten pages long - single spaced) or leave out way too much so I might as well be describing some generic romance instead of MY story. I wish I could figure this out! I hear people say "Oh, make sure to inject your voice into the synopsis." Um.... How do I do that when I'm instructed to outline a novel length plot (100,000 words) in about five pages, double spaced.

HELP!!! Please, help me guys! Freddy Krueger is chasing me and he's asking where his synopsis is!

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