Saturday, April 28, 2007

Champagne Rules and so does Susan Lyons

I loved this book.

Trust me, I don't say this about every book I read. I was judging a contest - never mind which one - and this book arrived in my mailbox. So I knew I HAD to read it, but it sounded good so I saved it for last. You know - best for last kind of thing. Or give myself a treat at the end... Well, I liked all the books I read, but I loved this one.

Now, I enjoy erotic romance anyway (at least when it's well written). But I am picky. I've read books where I wanted to kill the hero or heroine cause they did stupid things or kept secrets for lousy reasons, etc. None of that crap here.

This story is about two strangers, Suzanne and Jaxon, who make love while vacationing in Greece and meet again years later and reconnect, but they decide to keep it light and play by Champagne Rules. But they keep breaking their own rules because they want to know one another better. It's cool to find characters who want hot sex, but want more from their lover, too. Susan Lyons has written a well paced story that is hot, funny and moving. The main characters are well rounded and complex. The secondary characters have personality without stealing the show. In fact, I'm sure Susan will write more about Suzanne's friends, and when she does I want to read them. Hot in Here is the second book in this series and is currently available. I'll be shopping for it soon.

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