Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm a FINALIST!!!!!!!

My Friday the 13th was a very lucky one this month. I received a message that my currently unpublished novel, Crime of Passion was a finalist in the Paranormal/Time Travel category of the Stroke of Midnight contest. Stroke of Midnight is organized by Passionate Ink, a chapter of Romance Writers of America.
I am so thrilled and surprised. It feels WONDERFUL! I know, it's not a publishing contract...yet. But it shows that someone other than me likes my story. I've had friends say, "Cesca, I like this." But friends are supposed to say that. After all, that's why they're friends. But the judges were objective and anonymous, so if they'd hated it they could have said so. I'm all floaty right now - without any alcohol or narcotic substances! I'll come back down soon, because I need to get editing...just in case. For tonight, just let me bask in the glow. happy sigh.....

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