Monday, April 2, 2007


TMI. Normally TMI means "too much information." But for me... Well, lately, it's meant "too many ideas." You wouldn't think having tons of creative ideas hitting you would be a bad thing. I mean, consider the possibilities. But it's also like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke is getting bombarded by metal objects flying at him from all directions. Poor Luke reacts just a hair too slowly to keep from being overwhelmed and repeatedly beaten up without Vader laying a hand on him.

Sometimes, having too many ideas is just like that. You get a great idea for a story. Then another one, then another one. Yes, you get them written down, but before you can actually DO anything about one, you are struck by another one. Now, I admit, it's not a bad problem to have when you're a writer.

Heck, it's far better than staring at a blank computer screen and being totally unable to bring a creative concept to mind. However, it still causes problems. Problems like having ten stories going and not finishing something. So, while I still want to receive the ideas, I want to get better at batting them aside with my light saber before the next idea hits me in the head.

Wish me luck. ;-)

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