Saturday, October 10, 2009

They like me...They really like me!

Another fun day at Romanticon. Breakfast buffet this morning and I had fun and interesting table mates. Then I attended a "the readers speak" session on BDSM romances - fascinating discussion facilitated by Meghan Conrad. Yaaaay Meghan!

Then I was off to Author Mania. Here's a pic of me with the lovely and fun Natasha Moore. We were scheduled for the same time slot for signing. All the G-Ms were together.

Romanticon had made these wonderful booklets for all of us. These things have everything - all the handouts - workshop schedules but also spaces to have authors, cover models etc. to sign your book. So everyone ran around manically trying to get everyone to sign our books. In the course of the day I got a good many authors, some wonderful readers and even a few of the cover models.
In the evening there was the opportunity for a picture taken with the cover models...and the dudes were shirtless. Sweet. Oh so sweet.

Here is the ever sexy and sweet Cris Anson having her pic taken with the men of the hour. Yes, I did get my pic taken with them. However, I didn't get the chance to have anyone take my photo (other than Will Duke - ECer and photographer extraordinaire) take a shot of me having WAY too much fun.

Once I get a copy of my pic I'll try to scan it and post it. I'm definitely framing the pic. Then we all lined up to enter the Appreciation dinner. There was a bit of a long line and a bit of a wait but it was well worth it. Well, to begin with I had some great table mates. We did have a couple of cover models at our table - two of the ladies of EC. They were gorgeous and very nice.

I also was seated with talented writer Jory Strong. She had participated in the male/male workshop yesterday and she's just a fun and intriguing lady. It was a treat to talk to her.

During dinner we were treated to another dance number by the gorgeous and talented Ellora's Cavemen.

They danced to "You Can Keep Your Hat On" which is one of my favorite songs. And damn...they were hot. Many, many women were screaming encouragement and fanning themselves from the heat generated.

We all enjoyed a wonderful supper during the evening then there was a raffle to give away a good many baskets contributed by EC authors. There were also awards given by EC to some of their authors.

I knew I was going to be called up for one because it was listed in the event book. Attending authors with new releases with EC this year were given certificates and little statuettes proclaiming us "2009 Rising Stars". It was such an honor to receive one of these awards. Here is me with my award and certificate. (Thanks Kendra for taking my pic).

There were also some other awards presented by the EC staff. They called these "superstar" awards. Well, you know what? I received one of these fun awards. For my discussion of guns and what to do with them in Protect and Defend, I was presented with the "Amusing Innuendo Award." I was shocked and really happy. They like me...they really like me! It was fun because these awards were presented by the cover models. The gorgeous Angelo handed me my award and because it was unexpected, I don't have a pic of it. However, Will was on hand with his camera so I think I'll be able to snag a copy from somewhere. Having the sexy and gentlemanly Angelo deliver the award was icing on the cake. Yum.

Finally, the staff at EC was recognized for all their hard work. I enjoyed seeing how much comradery there is at EC. EC is fortunate to have a great group running the show and it made me feel even more fortunate for my book to have been accepted and published by this super publisher.

After the party I made a run back to my room to change into something comfortable and most especially comfortable shoes!!! Then I headed to the bar for some convivial chatter. I joined Natasha Moore, Kendra (reader and cover artist) and Tasha (reader and aspiring author) for a fun time. Conversation and laughter ruled the night.

I have to say this has been an incredibly fun experience. I've had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors (cause I was an EC reader long before I'd entertained a single thought about writing for EC). I've also met some wonderful readers, reviewers and all around good people who love erotic romance. The staff at the Quality Inn have been warm and friendly - even with all of us running around like crazy people. This has been a great experience - well worth the ten hour drive.

I will DEFINITELY be attending Romanticon again next year and I hope I'll see YOU there too!


  1. Great pics! Thanks for posting these;-) And you are a rising star! It sounds like a fun time was had by all and I'm sorry I had to miss it this year;-(

    Have a safe trip home!

  2. It was great to see you, Francesca! I had so much fun at RomantiCon I wouldn't miss it next year for the world! I can't compete with Kaenar's research (o_O), but I'm glad you think I contributed something to our m/m workshop.

  3. It was so great to meet you in person, Francesca. Thanks for posting the photo of me with the Cavemen. Can you tell I'm having fun? Angelo is the newest Ellora's Cave cover model and I'm sure he'll be a hit with readers and authors alike! (Angelo is the hunk I'm, um, leaning on.)
    Cris Anson