Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday at Romanticon

I woke up this morning to find the EC trailer parked outside my window. If anyone was wondering where the heck we were, I think this VERY large item in the parking lot by the road answers the question! LOL

As days go, today was a total and complete blast!

I had lunch with the wonderful Jude Atkins, Cerridwen Press author and founder of . She knows tons of stuff about author promo (in fact she's a co-presenter of a workshop on the topic). Plus she was just a joy to talk to. She made the trip here from Canada and had an...interesting...experience with her flight. Snow and delays factor in, but I'm so glad she made it.

I spent the afternoon attending workshops. The first was about the Author/Editor relationship cast as an arranged Victorian marriage featuring Raelene Gorlinsky (in the top hat) and author brides: Lynn LaFleur, Samantha Kane & Kristin Daniels.

The workshop was really informative but it was loose enough to ask questions and just have fun. I'm really enjoying the atmosphere of the con (conference/convention). The Jasmine Jade crew has done a super job organizing this event!

The second workshop was one where Raelene encouraged authors to have friends act out scenes to see whether or not what you've written is even physically possible...or do you need three arms to carry things out as written.

It turns out, it would require a male weregiraffe to kiss the nipples of a woman sitting in his lap facing forward. This actually sounds like a great way to make sure action scenes work - I'm just not sure my friends would be willing to act as guinea pigs. Maybe if I plied them with alcohol...

The third workshop was a great discussion of the up and coming (no pun intended) male/male genre. Authors Jory Strong, Kaenar Langford, and Samantha Kane were ably assisted by editor Meghan Conrad. This was fun and funny. I will definitely say that Kaenar is the queen of research. OMG...

I learned so much from listening to Jory, Kaenar and Samantha discuss their writing. I'm really inspired. I may have to give male/male a try.

In the evening we all enjoyed the Psychedelic soiree. Cover models, sixties clothes, and dancing...oh my! Here's me in all my plump peachiness rocking it out on the dance floor. To my
right is dancing queen Cris Anson. If you check out her web site the pic of her is a demurely sexy, elegant lady. Well she's all that - but she's a party animal too.

I had such a fun night. I even got to dance with a couple of the cover models. Now THAT was very fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of those highly pleasurable moments. Pout. Oh well. Another time. Like RT maybe.

I closed out my evening with a strawberry daiquiri at the bar with Mari Freeman, Samantha Kane, Kelli Collins, Kaenar Langford, Kathleen Coddington and Kathy Kulig, et al. It was a pleasant way to spend the end of the night. I'm meeting so many cool people here and I'm having so much fun. Wish you all could be here too!

It's almost two in the morning and I need to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and go do it all over again.

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  1. Still giggling about the weregiraffe... Oh! You should SO write some m/m. Mmmmmm... :)