Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life's Been Good...

Well, as I told you on Thursday I received a 4 1/2 rating from RT. I'm as excited as I can be about it. The reviewer said some really, REALLY nice things about the book...

"Hawley creates well-developed characters and a story that moves from page one and doesn't stop. This tale is filled with smoldering sex, mystery and suspense. A definite keeper. "

I read this and started doing a happy dance. They like me, they really like me! Thanks RT!

On Friday, I picked up my new author photo. I went to Kesling Photography in Altoona, IA (a berb of Des Moines) to have the photo done. Kelly did a fab job! She managed to make me look kinda pretty.

I heard from my editor at EC. She said she'd have edits to me early next week for Seeking Truth. I'm excited and I can hardly WAIT to get the edits completed so we can set a release date for the book. Woot! I'll keep you posted.

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