Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging weekend...

Tomorrow - Friday, March 20 - I'll be blogging at Seduced by History. Seduced by History is a new blog of the Hearts through History online chapter of RWA. I'll be a regular contributor - blogging on the 20th of the month. I picked the 20th because my birthday is on the 20th. October 20th - but I figured I'd remember 20 because of that. For my first blog there, I'll introduce myself. Then I want to do some research and blog about marriage in the Middle Ages and the concept of Courtly Love. I hope by next month to have enough information to post. We'll see how that goes. ;-)

On Saturday, I'll be adding my weekly contribution to The Otherworld Diner. For the next two weeks we whining. I'm not sure what to whine about really. I guess I'll surprise you...and me. Hope to see you there!

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