Friday, July 10, 2009

RWA Conference fast approaches.

Greetings all,
The RWA National Conference is quickly approaching and I'm nervous and feeling out of sorts. I haven't really gotten myself together and I leave on Sunday. Robin Rotham is going to pick me up as she passes through Iowa and by the end of the trip we will either adore or loathe one another. :-) I'm voting for the former. I think Robin is a pretty cool chick AND an excellent writer.

Still, when I attended RWA two years ago I was so much more organized than I am this year. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off...flopping around mindlessly while people wait for me to wind down before they throw me in the pot for supper. Yeah - it's a rather grim kind of metaphor but it fits.

I'm looking forward to touring Washington D.C. though. I've never been in the nation's capitol before so I'm planning to hit all the sites. Or as many as I can get to between conference sessions and parties. I'm planning to visit the Library of Congress and the Holocaust Museum. I want to see all the monuments. Washington, Lincoln, VietNam, WWII, etc. If I can manage it, I want to visit the National zoo too. Not sure about that one though. I'm going to take a ton of pics - that much is certain.

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