Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm writing again!!

Last week I wrote 10,000 words. In one week. I'm over the moon happy about it too and I have my critique partner, Paris Brandon to thank. Love ya, hon!!!!

I'd gotten stuck on a love scene. It wouldn't go anywhere and I tend to be a very linear writer. A linear pantser - not an easy combo. Well, I was whining and complaining to Paris and she said. "Francesca, why don't you skip the scene and come back to it. You have all of these other scenes in your head. You need to write them down."

Maybe I'm dense, but I'd not really considered skipping a scene before. I had discovered I'd left a scene out and had to go back to add it. But I'd never intentionally said, skip it. I'm moving on for now. And you know what? It worked. I discovered tons of stuff about my characters and the story is moving fast. I'm excited to sit down at my computer again and I love that! I'll keep you posted, because eventually I'll have to go back and insert the skipped scene. At least now, I know the elements that should be in that all-important love scene.

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