Friday, September 4, 2009

My Confession - for your reading pleasure Monday, Sept. 7

As Romanticon swiftly approaches, Ellora's Cave is running a fun feature on their blog, Sex Talk for Wicked Women. The Secret Lives of EC Authors. I hopped on the bandwagon too. My secret will be posted on Monday, September 7th. Labor Day. I hope you'll join me there! Not only that but I'll fill you in on "the rest of the story" on Thursday, September 10 at the blog, The Rantings and Ravings of Jeanne St. James.

When they announced this fun idea, we (EC's Authors) were told to provide a tantalizing secret to share that would introduce us to our readers. I think this is a totally cool concept. Yes, it could end up under the category of TMI - too much information - but so far it hasn't.

Everyone has provided cute, fun facts. I hope my "deep, dark secret" lives up to the fun. I think it will but I'm not telling. -wicked grin- You'll just have to stop by Monday to find out!

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