Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shirley Damsgaard visited my library

Cozy mystery author Shirley Damsgaard came to my library today, July 22, for a program. She talked about the where she gets her ideas for her popular Ophelia and Abby series. I must say I'm very fond of Ophelia for two reasons. She's a librarian and she is a witch. Because I write paranormal stories, I can related to that aspect of Shirley's stories and because I'm a librarian it's fun to read about a character who shares some of my day to day joys and frustrations with the job. Shirley has done her research too, because Ophelia hasn't done anything wrong as a librarian that I recall. Believe me, I'd notice. :-)
Shirley is from Iowa (as is her character Ophelia) so when I pick up one of her books I see myself, friends and family in her characters. Shirley's ability to draw a reader in and make them love the characters like family is a real gift. I hope I do that with my characters. It is certainly what I aspire to do. The Witch is Dead is her next book and will be released in August. If you enjoy paranormal stories, cozy mysteries, and librarians then you'll love this series!

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