Friday, July 13, 2007

Promotion and Scoping Out Agents

My Friday afternoon was spent in more workshops. I attended two in a row with Jessica Faust as a panelist. Jessica is with BookEnds Literary Agency and I read her blog fairly regularly. I really liked her. She's professional but realistic which appealed to me. She is also funny. Funny is very good. Yeah - maybe I hope she reads this when I get up my courage to query her, but if she doesn't that's cool. I'd feel the same way regardless.

At the end of Friday, I'm starting to suffer from overload. I'm tired and a bit let down, but inspired. I have NO idea how that combination works - maybe I'm hormonal or something. Tomorrow I have to pitch. Now since I'm pitching I should be going for a no hitter, but what I want to do is hit it out of the ballpark. Talk about your mixed metaphors. More later!

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