Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I love to fly but this is ridiculous...

What a day! I was completely ready. The car was loaded. As I started to drive out of town, I hunted for my cell phone which was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! OH MY GAHD!!!! I realized I left it on the table at a restaurant I ate at last night with some friends. I drove to the restaurant which didn't open until 11 a.m. My flight left at 10:05 am and it was about 8:15 am. I panicked. No kidding? Yeah. I drove to the house of one of the friend's I was out with the night before. She wasn't home, so I tried another. She was still home and suggested I contact the Chamber of Commerce.

I drove there, trying to regulate my breathing and heart rate. I stumbled inside. Yes, they did have the phone number of the owner and miracle of miracles he was AT the restaurant and he found my phone. Life could return to normal. I ran from the Chamber back out to my car but in the process of opening my car door, I smacked myself in the face and split my lip. Yes, kids. A split lip hurts like hell! I grabbed a napkin and dabbed at the bleeding gash while going to rescue my cell phone.

Cell phone in purse, I head for the airport. Late, but I figure I'll make it. No problem. I get there at 9:30 a.m. I reach the front of the line at 9:38 am. I'm told I missed my flight - which is still on the ground, mind you. How? By three minutes, that's how. The flight leaves at 10:05 and the computers no longer allow anyone to board beyond the half-hour mark. So at 9:35 boarding closed. My plane is on the ground. I'm at the airport, but I can not leave. Needless to say, I'm pissed. Not rude. Just pissed. Thank God for a gifted staff person who found a later flight for me and printed me a boarding pass.

Were my traumas at an end? No. I think not. The flight they got me on was...get this...delayed. And delayed.... Finally, it arrived and boarded. At last, all being right with the world, we took off for Dallas.

Now I must tell you, the flight was way cool. As we took off, I could feel the climb and knew they had throttle full, mixture rich. As we came in to Dallas, I could feel when they put in flaps and knew what they were doing and why they did it. I love flying...sigh.

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