Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Release

Potter Pandemonium hits library. Film at 11. No more like 2 in the morning. Good thing these kinds of book releases only happen once in a lifetime. I get home from RWA only days ago, then I have a busy week and Harry Potter is only the beginning! I've got library programs on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Am I a masochist or just a poor planner? I'm not sure.

Still the Harry Potter thing was a blast. We had about 75 people show up and we partnered with the local independent book store. They handed out pre-ordered books while we gave out prizes for costumes and jelly bean counting. No, I didn't win a prize. Staff doesn't win prizes, but I think I look a little like Miss Sprout. At least I'm in brown, even if I don't have the right hat! Tomorrow I'll be reading - well after I attend the IRN meeting that is. I wonder when I'll sleep this weekend? Oh well.

Me - Think I look anything like Miss Sprout??

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