Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pitching and Pitching some more!

No, I didn't go to the RITA awards tonight. Too bloody tired! But the day was good! I started out with a pep talk from my crit partner, Misty Simon. She let me try out my pitches on her and gave me tips. It really helped because...

I put on my suit today (my job interview suit) and went to pitch to Ms. Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora's Cave. Yes, the lady with the neat hats. I liked her and she was very professional... but she has quite the poker face. I wasn't sure if I'd done well with my pitch or not. Still, she told me Crime of Passion fits what their readers like to read (older hero/heroine, rubenesque heroine, and shapeshifter hero) and asked me to send a submission. That has to be good in my book. Yaaaay! So is that a no hitter or a homerun? No, really. I wanna know.

Anyway... After catching my breath and allowing my heart rate to return to normal, I hit some other sessions. Notably, two very cool spotlight sessions. One for Samhain Publishing, the other for LooseID. Samhain was interesting. The big news from Samhain was that they will be open for submissions again soon. I look forward to that and may submit to them in the future.

The LooseID session was way cool. If you asked a question, they gave you a book. Let me tell you I was scrambling for a question because one of the books they were giving away was Angela Knight's new how to book about writing erotic romance titled, Passionate Ink. I got a copy! Wooo Hoooo!

Not only that, but Ms. Treva Harte told those present that she would listen to pitches after the session if anyone wanted to pitch. At first I was too nervous, but then Maya and Marie (fellow PI chapter members) encouraged me so I got up my gumption and went up to pitch my medieval paranormal romance, Seeking Truth. You know, eventually I'm going to get every subgenre of romance rolled into one book. Anyway, she was really nice because this pitch had not been practiced the way my other pitch had been. However, I managed to interest her and she told me to send her a submission. I'm so proud of me! I rock!

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