Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thirteen Reasons I love Aragorn

Thirteen Reasons I love Aragorn

1. Viggo Mortenson... I can't imagine any actor finding the essence of the character any better than Viggo did, and can you say Hot? I knew you could!

2. Chain Mail. This man looks stunningly hot in chain mail. Hey! So I like a man who jingles. So sue me. ;-)

3. He's got a really big sword AND he knows how to use it.

4. I love it when he swears to protect Frodo. Any man who can say "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will" makes me sigh. Even if he does make the promise to a hobbit.

5. I love a guy who makes a commitment and sticks to it even when it's tough.

6. Aragorn - horse whisperer.

7. He has a dry sense of humor.

8. He tosses dwarves with great skill.

9. Hope isn't just a word to him, it's a way of life.

10. He's the kind of friend who always has your back.

11. He salutes his enemies before he fights them. Even if they're orcs or Urukai.

12. Even though he wants to protect his woman/elf, he lets Arwen make her own decisions.

13. The Kiss. It is without doubt one of the best kisses in cinema history. I LOVE this scene!

(copyright for the video belongs to New Line Cinema - NOT me. This is here for your viewing enjoyment only)

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  1. Awesome TT. And that kiss - wow! You're right. It's a great scene.

  2. Thanks Shelley. I loved your blog today too. Kisses are some of my favorite things! :-)