Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Library Thing...the next new thing

So what is LibraryThing? It allows readers to catalog/list their entire library then connect with other readers who share the same reading interests. You can tag your collection. Tagging is the ability to put classifications on a book.

You'll notice I always try to "tag" my blog posts. It lets readers of my blog to find posts about similar topics. In fact, I'm adding a daily tag to all of my new entries. For example, if people like the recipes I post, they can click on the Tummy Tuesday tag and find other entries. Now, as of today there is only one entry. But in a few months, there will be a bunch.

LibraryThing lets you do that with your books. I can label my books erotic romance or historical romance, or paranormal romance. Heck, I can label them with all three if the tags fit. LibraryThing also builds a book community by assisting readers to connect with each other via talk and group communities.

Another cool part of LibraryThing is author promotion. Say you have created a profile and entered your catalog. You want to let everyone know about a new book or an author signing or something. You can ask LibraryThing to make you an "official" LT author. This give you another place to announce your signings and promote your work. Cool, huh?

LibraryThing has also created a wizard so readers can add random books from their library to their blog and/or web site. I've done that here so down along the right side of the blog are several books which I have read and have in my personal library. This is a fun way to promote your favorite authors, friends, and your own work too!

It's a different kind of social networking opportunity for authors and readers. Check it out and join the LibraryThing revolution!

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