Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Topic Format

Hi all,
You may have noticed that I don't blog on a real regular basis. I could post about anything under the sun. Well, all that infinity is a bit daunting.

Starting next Monday, I'm going to try to institute a new blog schedule which will help me focus on exactly what the topic of the day should be.
  • Mondays will be life, the librarian and everything.
  • Tuesdays I'll focus on food - and post a recipe or two.
  • Wednesday will be a day to think about reading and writing.
  • On Thursday, I'll try to join the Thursday Thirteen revolution.
  • I had so much fun participating in the flash fiction exercise at The OtherWorld Diner that I'm going to dedicate my Friday posts to fiction - short, original fiction or excerpts of my stuff.
  • Saturdays will be dedicated to a hunk of the week - or more than one. Why limit myself. :-)
  • On Sunday, I shall rest (or just shoot the breeze).
I hope that by giving myself a set schedule, I'll have better luck becoming a regular blogger. If you visit my blog, please leave a comment. It will help to know I'm not talking to myself in the vast wilderness of the Internet.


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