Friday, April 18, 2008

A Bonding Experience

First of all - what is flash fiction? Visit this great Web site for an explantation:

In brief it is a fictional story that is 300-1000 words in length. I'm not sure I can get as short as 1000 words, but I'll keep it short. For me that's very good. I'm a wordy gal. But flash fiction should have all the things any other fiction has: characters, setting, plot - basically a beginning, middle, and an end.


Prompt from The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood:

Think of a mismatch between a person and a place. It may be someone in the wrong house, the wrong job, the wrong school, the wrong political party, the wrong club, the wrong chair, the wrong...

Sarah looked down at the address in her hand as she walked into the old theater building. There was no way this was First National Bank. Crap. Either she wrote down the address wrong or... There was an odd silence and she looked up to find a roomful of eyes fastened on her. She blinked.

"Miss Moneypenny? You are here for Miss Moneypenny aren't you? She's missing." A white haired man with a fake British accent approached, waving his hands.

"Miss who?"

"Miss Moneypenny. Go over there with the others, we're ready to start and we need our Miss Moneypenny in order to begin."

Now wait a minute. Wasn't Moneypenny the secretary in James Bond? The lovesick one? No frigging way.

"Yes, you'll do. Suit. Nice touch, dear." He patted her shoulder patronizingly.

"Who are you?"

He struck a pose, grasping the lapel of his jacket. "Bond. James Bond."

"Um... There must be some mistake..." Oh God. Him? Tall, skinny, white hair? James Bond was Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan. This guy was soooo not James Bond.

He waved her away and to avoid the flailing hands, she joined the others. All of them looked a bit shell-shocked so maybe she wasn't the only one in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now what?

"Let's begin. I've called you all here to organize my next mission. Q, what do you have for me?"

The crowd exchanged glances. Was this guy for real? Did he really think they were in a James Bond novel? The white haired man strutted over to stand in front of a tall, handsome dark haired man. Damn. Talk about role-reversal. One of them was James, but it wasn't the guy who thought he was.

"Well, Q, out with it, man. I need some spectacular gadgets to take on the villain of Grosvenor Square."

"Who?" Q asked.

Sarah held back a sigh at 'Q's question. Even his voice was wonderful. Now he was a Bond she could realistically be lovesick for...if she had to be. Not that she wanted to be Moneypenny or anything.

"C'mon Q. I need to get started. After all, the Queen depends on my loyal service."

Sarah rolled her eyes. Yeah, right. If Queen Elizabeth depended on this guy, she was doomed to disappointment. Time to end this farce.

"James, I have something to tell you." Sarah strode forward, striking a painfully dramatic pose as she knew it was the only kind this guy would understand.

"You love me. I know. I've always known, Moneypenny."

She frowned at him. If there was one thing she hated it was a smug expression and he wore one on his pursed little mouth.

"No, James. I don't love you." The way his face fell almost made her relent until she caught the dancing eyes of Q. "I'm in love with Q. I always have been but I didn't want to hurt your feelings so I've strung you along. Q and I are leaving the Queen's service today and never coming back." She patted the man's arm. "I'm sorry to break it to you so publicly."

"But this is not true. It can't be. I've planned everything so carefully." He stamped his feet like a two year old denied his favorite toy.

"I'm sorry, James." She grabbed Q and planted a big wet kiss on him. He pulled her close kissing her back with a pleasing thoroughness. When he lifted his head, she stared into his eyes and he grinned.

"She's absolutely right, old man. We're going to be together. The rest of you, come join us for a drink at a nearby pub."

"Sorry James, you're on your own with the villain of Grosvenor Square. Hope it all works out." She grabbed Q's hand and dragged him from the room while the other confused people followed in their wake.

Outside on the pavement, the others left. Ran, actually. She could hear "James" ranting and raving inside.

"We'd better go, Q." She tried to pull her hand from his, but he didn't let go. She met his dark gaze, holding back a sigh. Too gorgeous for her.

"Join me for a drink, Moneypenny?"

Sarah grinned. "Why not? You can show me all your geeky gadgets over a mug of ale."

"Sounds like a bang up good time."

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