Sunday, June 17, 2007

Musical Moods

I'm always surprised how many romance writers I meet who say that music inspires them when they write. I have to admit, I've used it for background too. I'm always reminded of the western music playing at the very beginning of Romancing the Stone. Remember how Joan Wilder wrote that cheesy but wonderful ending to her western? She wrote with headphones on and the soundtrack from How the West Was Won booming in the background. Flash to Joan, pulling the last page out of the typewriter, tears running down her cheeks saying, "That's so good!" And it was. It was the perfect soundtrack for her book.

When I'm writing a contemporary paranormal romance, I listen to my favorite love songs regardless of musical style. I have Billy Joel mixed with Tim McGraw and it's all good. I like to create a great mix the progresses from love song to sexy love song. And when I'm writing a love scene, there are some seriously hot love songs, like "Let's Make a Night to Remember" by Bryan Adams that makes writing that all important love scene so much easier!!

When I'm writing something historical though, I like to try to find music that fits the mood. Recently I've been writing a medieval paranormal, so I've been listening to polyphonic music by Anonymous 4, the Kings Singers singing my favorite historical folk songs like "Now is the Month of Maying," or the Medieval Baebes performing "Salva Nos." I've also discovered the Sherwood Consort and they have a nice version of "Sumer is icumen in." Listening to the right music puts me in the right brain space to work on a particular story.

What works for you when your writing? Contemporary or historical music or do you prefer blessed silence?

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