Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Imagine the Possibilities or Why I like to write paranormal romances...

I love to write paranormal romances. I've mentioned in other posts that I was influenced by my parents to imagine the possibilities. For myself, I like to ask..."What if?"

What if a woman finds out she is half-shapeshifter and her new lover shifts into a wolf a whim?

What if a medieval woman has psychic abilities? How does she hide them so she isn't accused as a witch?

The ideas are endless. That's why I like paranormal. I don't have to limit myself to the "real" world possibilities. I can imagine boys like Harry Potter are real. I can dream that one day I'll get to ride a dragon and fight thread. I get to spin my own tales set in a unique and wonderful universe and maybe inspire another would be writer to imagine the impossible. Or convince a reader to dream the wonderous.

That's why I write paranormal. If you're gonna dream. Well, dang it.

Dream BIG!!!

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