Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Body in the Library

Tonight we had a murder mystery at the library. It was a BLAST. The Teen Advisory Board and staff members were suspects. Because I worked this evening, I couldn't be part of the early fun - but I did record the newcaster broadcasts. Let me just say I am a MUCH better writer than I am actress.

We used a purchased murder mystery, though I really would have liked to try my hand at writing one from scratch. It would have been a challenge to make sure I laid out all the clues without tipping my hand. Kind of like writing a romantic suspense novel but without the really bad acting.

It was definitely interesting to peruse the game to see how it was done, and do some script rewriting. The mystery purchased didn't include a dead body and ALL the Teen Advisory Board wanted one. I even helped make up our DB so she had bluish lips and a "bruised looking" neck. Not only am I NOT an actress, I am NOT a makeup artist. But hey, I tried. She looked good, if a little striped.

All in all it was a very fun evening. Maybe next time we'll hold one for adults. It might be draw quite a crowd!!

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