Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can we say... I spoke too soon? Hmmmm?

Oh my God... I just had to ask what else could happen? The good news.... I survived the ice storm. Yaaay. The bad news is my power went out at 2:30 pm on Saturday and didn't come back on until Monday morning some time (I'm not sure exactly when because I was at work at the library). But thankfully, I'm not one of those people who are STILL without power, and there are a few.

I stayed in a motel Sunday night because the cold started to get to me, and I had to go to work on Monday. If I had to work, I wanted to get a good night sleep someplace warm. Now, granted, it was only in the 50s inside the house Sunday afternoon, but BRRRRRR that's cold.

Not only that, but it was torture to be without power. No TV. No about withdrawal. The lack of information sucked!!! I'm a librarian, but my only way to get info was calling friends in town to find out if they had power. "Have you been watching TV? Do they say when power might come back?" No one knew. I tried to get batteries to put in a boombox I had - I got the batteries but the boombox wouldn't work. Damn! Never again. With the predictions for a blizzard in Iowa later this week (AFTER the ice last week) I've gone out to buy a small radio and AA batteries to use with it. I just hope I don't need the radio.

Some friends brought me food Sunday afternoon, and I finally caved and made room reservations at a local motel. Fortunately, there were rooms available. After a toasty warm Sunday evening during which I ignored the Oscars, I debated making reservations on Monday. I took an early lunch break at 11am and checked the house again - Power...blessed power! I went to the motel, got my stuff, got my cat, and came home. I love electricity.

I'll let you know how the upcoming blizzard weekend goes.... Keep your fingers crossed the power stays on. I sure will!

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