Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I got the Blues...

I got the blues. Why? Because last night was the second concert in a series of blues music concerts I arranged at my library. I LOVE the blues, and I love having the blues. :-) We've had two incredible performances and I'm looking for a couple more out of the month.

Last year was the first concert series we did and I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it or not. I liked R&B and soul music, but I didn't know if I'd really get into the blues. I did. The performances last year were stellar and this year, just as fabulous. Who knew we had such amazingly talented blues musicians in Iowa, of all places? We do, though.

Blues is also fantastic inspiration for writing. There's always someone who's been done wrong, and blues is filled with the proverbial "black moment" romance writers are trying to write successfully. Not only that, but musicians have to write that "black moment" with a minimum of words while doing it lyrically.

It's been most instructive. Course it's also just been fun. People of all ages trooping to the library, sitting in an audience with heads bobbing in appreciation of some inspiring music. What more could you ask for? Not a thing!

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