Monday, February 5, 2007

I thought I was done with homework!

Okay, so I go to school for YEARS. I get my associates degree, my B.A. and then finally, I get my Master of Arts in Library Science. I figured I was all done with homework at that point. Au contraire, mes amis. And I did it to myself! I thought learning how to fly an airplane would be confined to climbing into the cockpit of a plane with some take-offs and landings for entertainment.

Nope. I have ground school! I go to the airport, sit with my instructor and other students and go over a textbook and test questions! We play flying jeopardy - thankfully my instructor is much cuter than Alex Trebek (much younger and has a girlfriend too, but that's another column). The weird thing is...I enjoy ground school. I like learning about charts and air space and weather because it's cool. You know I actually learned about how an engine works? I'm forty-something and I didn't really get how engines worked until now. I drove my car with nary a clue to what made it go - other than putting expensive gasoline in so the engine would run.

I finally understand what they mean by "use it or lose it." My brain is starting to work better since I've been forcing myself to learn new things. I'm remembering better, this from a woman who'd been worried about her brain leaking like a sieve, and it feels good. I hesitate to admit it, but I feel younger too. I don't LOOK younger, but I feel younger which is a nice feeling.

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