Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Three more days! I'm taking some much needed vacation time from August 6 - August 10. I can even hear the Go-Gos singing in my mind. Yes, I DO need a vacation. ;-) During that time I plan to do nothing. No travel. No split lips. No lost cell phones. Just nothing...

Well, not quite nothing. I AM going to write. I want to make some headway on my manuscript next week. I'm ready to get it finished so I can start submissions with it. I'm really enjoying my characters and the story they are building. Gotta tell you...Eaduin's REALLY hot.

And I am going to go to my parents' graves. Visiting graves. Yeah, now that sounds fun. It isn't so much fun as I need to go. My dad died in 1991 and my mom in 2003 and I haven't been to their graves since we buried Mom. They aren't there. I know that but I'm ready to release a little baggage so I'm going for a drive. I'll let you know whether or not I have "fun."

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