Monday, August 27, 2007

Guns are no longer in my immediate future...

I'm so bummed. I got a message over the weekend that the Citizen's Police Academy will be postponed until Fall of 2008. I was looking forward to frisking people and shooting guns. Just in case the letter I got in the mail was wrong, I confirmed with the Lieutenant. No classes. Sigh.

At first I wondered if this was a polite way to say "we don't want to teach you cop stuff cause you scare us girl!" However, since I KNOW I don't have any convictions I couldn't imagine there would be any reason they would be unwilling to teach me stuff. Heaven knows there's no way I'm going to take down any of their officers in a fight either. It's all about money. I hate budget crunches and staffing shortages.

Of course we get budget and staffing issues at the library too. Fiscal year rolled over in July and I've been spending money like a drunken sailor. Well, if drunken sailors actually bought things like the Standard Catalog of World Coins, the College Blue Book, or the Guinness World Records. Frankly, I can't picture them buying any of those books. But you get the idea. I'll soon be forking over the big bucks for the latest edition of the WorldBook Encyclopedia too. Reference books are so entertaining...not. Enlightening yes, entertaining, not so much.

Oh well, at least I still have airplanes to look forward to. I'll keep you posted on flying.

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