Friday, August 24, 2007

I think my next door neighbor's name is Noah...

Iowa has been rained on.... And rained on. I thought this past spring was bad. Summer has been much worse overall. We've had a couple weeks of rain. In fact it's been raining off and on since the week I took vacation. Counties in northwest Iowa (yeah - I DID just drive up there) have been declared disaster areas. There is flooding in my former home town too.

I went to lunch with friends today and we had to run through the rain. Arrgh. Lunch was wonderful, but the rain was not. Later in the day I met another friend. It was great to sit down to chat so we could touch base. There are times I don't get the chance to tell people how much I appreciate them. Today afforded me the opportunity.

I work this weekend and when I'm scheduled at the library, I have Friday off. In spite of the rain it was a good day.

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