Saturday, March 10, 2007

Magnificent Shoe Obsession

Okay, I admit it. I was one of those women who SO didn't get the chick lit shoe obsession. Nor did I understand why Carrie (of Sex in the City) made orgasmic noises when she found shoes she loved. It made no sense. High heel shoes hurt. I would much rather wear a good pair of walking shoes, thanks.

No more. I've discovered...the Magnicent Shoe Obsession!

Are these not the sexiest, coolest shoes you have EVER seen in your life? Yes girls, I took photos of my new purchases. I took pictures like they were my children or my cats. How bizarre is that? But now, I understand...

Let me go back to the beginning. A friend of mine was having a garage sale which ran on Friday and Saturday. I thought I would be supportive and wander over to see what was left near the end of the sale today. Now, my friend, Deana, formerly designed shoes for dancers. Yes, these are her designs. They were part of the garage sale. I couldn't believe it. I looked at the other stuff (much of it quite cool - cause she is a quite cool person), but I kept hovering near the shoes. Now I am not a petite female and sexy shoes rarely fit me. So while I drooled, I figured there was no way these would work. Well, Deana helped me find some she thought would work, told me to sit down, and try them on. I did.


Two pair of the hottest 5 inch stilletto heels fit my feet - and damn... they felt GOOD! I couldn't believe it. You know the best part? They were $5 a pair. Yes. Not only did I get hot shoes, but they were a BARGAIN! Two for two!

My friend then gave me a clear, concise explanation of how to WALK in these shoes. I never knew there were instructions for this, but it makes sense. I took my babies home, and decided I wanted to see them the way they were supposed to look. When I tried them on I was wearing white, cotton socks. White cotton socks just aren't sexy. I put on a pair of knee high nylons (hey I wanted to try them on not go out on the town tonight). Then I toddled over to a mirror to take a peek.

My feet looked sexy. Oh mi gahd!

I own my very first pairs of "F**k Me!" stillettos.

Wooo Hoooo!!!

I'm no longer a shoe virgin...

Somehow I don't think these are going to fly in the library. I really can't see me strutting from the reference desk down to nonfiction in these babies, but wouldn't it be fun if I could! I'll just have to look for someplace to wear them. Or maybe someone to wear them for! Yeah, that's the ticket.

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