Friday, March 16, 2007

Unexpected Inspiration!

Hi all,
I was reading Romancing the Blog today. There was a wonderful post from Rosario Ottati about pushing the envelope with our writing. It was a super post. Now I am addicted to Romancing the Blog anyway. There is almost always something there to make me think about my writing. Check it out, I highly recommend it. So after I read Rosario's post, I went to comments as I usually do. Partway down one of the commenters made a great comment about prefering femdom to male dom stories in BDSM. All the comments were interesting, but that one comment literally smacked me in the head.

What was so profound about this? Well, I have a story I'm working on.... Like you didn't already know that... Anyway... My hero is a homicide detective working a serial homicide case. I intended him to be a dominant male. I even NAMED him Dom, as if making him an alpha wolf in a very kick ass profession isn't alpha enough. My problem was the heroine was REALLY sassy for a submissive. Also, I didn't have a clue why my killer was killing subs. After reading this comment from Romancing the Blog, I KNEW I had my story wrong - 180 degrees wrong! The heroine should be the Domme and the hero should be the sub. It fixed everything. I have had trouble thinking about almost anything else all day!

I love it when flashes of insight hit you like that. It's exciting! I had been so unexcited about that particular story for SO long, but suddenly I've got new energy. I have a reason to edit and a reason to add. Thanks Rosario and BarbaraB for helping me through a rough patch. Time to go write....


  1. I love fem dom particularly when the hero is no wimp. Have you read Natural Law by Joey Hill over at EC Francesca?

  2. Keziah,
    Yes, I have read it and I absolutely love it. I read it not too long after it came out, so I need to reread it for inspiration. The story and the sex scenes are very well written. Thanks for mentioning it!