Thursday, March 22, 2007

I feel like my mother trying to learn to program the VCR!

Why do I feel like my mom? Because I finally bit the bullet and joined I'm not going to tell you my page yet, because frankly it looks awful. Why? Cause I can't figure out how to program my VCR! I mean my MySpace page. :sigh:

It's at times like this I feel old. You know, you'd think there would be some link on the page indicating how to customize the site, but no. Not at all. Fortunately for me, I have a friend with whom I work who explained the concept of "Pimp my Profile." I have not yet had time to pimp my profile. Once I do, I'll tell you where to find my page.

I end up feeling like I should snag one of the teens from our library Teen Advisory Board for a class about navigating through this mystical land called "MySpace." What is so mesmerizing about it? I don't know, but it is addictive, and even a bit scary.

You go to someone's page. Then you can click on their friend...then their friend's friend.... You know, eventually I expect to find Kevin Bacon this way. No, really. I think you could play Six degrees of Kevin Bacon and FIND him! I think that's why everyone finds the site so addicting.

It used to be verbs were things like walk, talk, sing...

Now we say - "Oh yeah, I'll google you." Or "I googled him but he wasn't so hot."

Now that I've joined MySpace, I actually said to someone
"Hey, friend me!"

When did friend become a verb?

You know what's bad? I can't program my MySpace page - just like mom. But the worst part? I have heard myself say, "Jeez, these kids today...." Oh the horror... The humanity.... I sound like my DAD! Shoot me now!

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