Friday, November 10, 2006

Seducing my muse

My muse has gone on vacation to warmer climes than Iowa and I’d like to smack him! I need him desperately but he’d rather go snorkeling in Tahiti or surfing in Hawaii. Selfish man! The worst part is he didn’t take me with him! :pout:

Have you ever had a scene that just won’t come? The pun isn’t necessarily intended but it works here because I’m stuck on a love scene. In an erotic romance a love scene includes sex. I can write my characters cooing at one another, but I can’t seem to write them getting down and dirty together, damn it! I open the file and edit everything BUT the scene I need to write. Oh yeah, I could tell myself “write something, even if it’s crap.” I just hating writing crap. So what do I do?

Lately I’ve been giving my muse a come hither look, but the bastard is cheering a football game or watching NASCAR. The next time he is flirting with me, I’m half tempted to get him all riled up and leave him begging but that would just screw ME up, not him. Muses are perverse by nature, but does he have to be THIS difficult?

As soon as I see him again, which better be very soon, I’m going to tie him up and…. Hmmmmm I think he’s back. I’ll let you know how long I made him beg for mercy later.

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