Saturday, November 4, 2006

Why don’t men read romances?

In the deep dark corners of the night I ponder weird things. This is one of them. Why don’t men read romances? It isn’t that they don’t like happy endings. After all, every mystery, thriller, adventure, etc has a happy ending appropriate to its genre, and genre fiction by its very nature is formulaic.

The hero faces down evil, has many adventures (sometimes boffing a hot chick in the process), and triumphs over all. He nails the bad guy and status quo is returned. Happy ending….
So it isn’t that. Maybe if men KNEW that many modern romances don’t end with just a kiss, we could convince them to give romance a shot. I mean, I write some explicit stuff and I know many other authors who do too. Hmmmm.

If men just realized that picking up AND READING every discarded romance their wife, girlfriend or significant other read would reveal the incomprehensible to their minds - Women - they might give it a go. What do you think? Men find us mysterious and hard to fathom, but we aren’t any deeper than they are, not really.

GUYS! Romances are women’s sexual fantasies. Get a clue here. If you read what she’s reading, you’d know what turns her on.

Okay, yeah, I don’t want to REALLY get bitten by a vampire, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like playing vampire and the reluctant virgin sometimes.

Actually, more often than just sometimes. ;-)

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