Thursday, November 30, 2006

I went flying!

I’m so excited I just had to share with everyone. I went flying on Saturday, November 25, 2006. Mark it on your calendar! No, I don’t mean I got high - like the Harry Chapin song.
I got in a small aircraft (a piper) and went 2500 feet into the air accompanied by a trained pilot. It was the COOLEST thing! I got to taxi around the runway, handle the yoke and rudder during take off, and fly the plane while we were airborne! I love flying! When I scrape the cash together, I’m planning to take lessons.

I can hear you out there - okay we’re happy for you, Cesca, you went flying. What the heck does this have to do with writing? Ah, my friends, much. I can now have a character take flying lessons, or pilot an aircraft. When I write a scene about flying, my writing will have the authenticity of having done it.

Doing some activity or skill you plan to have your characters do helps you get in touch with them more deeply. By flying, I can share the excitement of the first flight with readers through my character. The moment when you leave the ground in a small craft is so totally different then in the commercial craft. You can feel it more and it’s so much more immediate. After all, it’s just you and the plane-and the instructor. I let him land. Hey, my mama didn’t raise no dummies.

My flight instructor said he’s been flying for several years now and it never gets old. He still loves it. That’s knowledge I can use. Also, I now know someone who might be willing to let me pick his brain about an aviation business if I want my characters to be part of one. The knowledge I gained by flying isn’t just what I’ve read or seen on TV. I’ve experienced it and damn its cool!

I’ll keep you posted about my flights. You’ll definitely hear when I get to solo for the first time.

Hot damn, what a ride!

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