Thursday, November 16, 2006

What’s “The Secret”?

I went to a friend’s house last night and a group of us watched a video called “The Secret.” I admit I was pretty skeptical cause it seemed gimicky but I was willing to let it in and see if it spoke to me. It was way cool. So what’s the secret? It’s an informational video about the law of attraction. There wasn’t anything we haven’t heard in a variety of ways, but it was put together in a very smooth cohesive way which presented things that made me think. Thoughts have power. You are what you think. You draw to you what you think and feel.

So how is this about writing? Lately, I’ve been saying to people. (Hell, to anyone that will listen…) I can’t write this one scene - it just won’t come. Pun intended. (See previous post). Talk about bad vibes. I’ve been thinking about how I can’t write some scene, and guess what kids…I can’t write that scene. Viewing the video made me think about all the blessings I have in my life and how many of them just flowed to me. Powerful happy things came to me when I was happy. Do I need to get a clue-by-four? I guess so and watching the video last night was a ringing clue-by-four.

So I’m making a New Year’s resolution in November. I’m going to think creatively. I can write easily and creatively. Words and ideas flow. Story ideas come to me. I finish what I write. Love scenes are a pleasure to write. People enjoy reading my work. Agents and publishers like my writing…

You get the idea. I’m putting it out there and I’m going to try to think about it every day. If I believe it, others will too. Seems simplistic - or so my intellectual side says. My feeling side is telling my intellectual side to take a visit to Tahiti with my Muse, so I guess I will.

Do you have to agree with me? Nope. Go your own way. But if you want to learn more visit The choice is yours.

Funny… The video said that too. Hey… It’s working!

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