Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where have I Been?

Where have I been for the last two months? Packing. Moving.

I got my house and we closed at the end of January. February 2008 in Iowa has been one snow or ice storm after another. We've had blizzards, freezing rain, and more. Let's just say I've been feeling a little persecuted by the "powers that be" lately.

I moved furniture on February 5 - the day of a predicted snowstorm. The good news is that most of the day it rained so I beat the storm and got moved. I spent the 6th sitting in my new home watching the snow blow outside.

I figured, well that's the worst of it. Wrong. I had to be out of my rental house by February 29th so I had to finish moving and cleaning this week. Monday, February 25th was an all day marathon. Guess what the weather forecast was? 60 degrees and sunny? Guess again. Another snowstorm. Again, rain first then snow. It took ALL day to move. If not for the help of my friends Robin, Brad, Cara and Deana (and those people they brought along to help) I would not have gotten done. This has been the week from hell.

Monday - I fell twice in the snow. Fortunately, the falls weren't too bad. Happily we got done. I can barely move in my basement but most of the stuff got moved. Then Robin and I were set to move some leftovers from the basement and clean.

Wednesday I fell...again. This was not an "easy" fall. I was carrying a box down the front steps of the old house (cement steps) and fell...hard. When I landed I wasn't sure I was getting up. In fact I was wondering if a call to 911 was merited. A trip to the emergency room revealed no broken bones, but I was told to go home and elevate my leg and ice my knee. Since I could barely walk, that's what I did. A twisted knee hurts. Believe me.
Thursday - nope - no more falling. A little snow - but not bad. I spent most of the day sitting, but I was able to go over to do a little cleaning. I moved slowly and carefully.
Friday - YES! We got done. Warm temps. Sunny. And we got done with the cleaning and the moving then I turned in my keys. I am now all moved. Now comes the fun task of going through decades of accumulated stuff so that I have more than a narrow path through my basement again. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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