Friday, November 30, 2007

Oooops, I did it again!

I made an offer. Again. But this time it wasn't quite so terrifying. Two of my friends met with me and my realtor to look through the house with me. They like it. I like it.

It's not nearly so scary this time because it really feels like the RIGHT house this time. So of course, this time I'm on pins and needles because I haven't heard yet whether they'll accept the offer. They have until noon tomorrow.

The house is very cute. Smallish - but anything in my price range is. It has an enclosed and heated front porch. Brand new windows. All the appliances stay. A back deck and there are wood floors. The wood is probably pine - but for me (and my cats) anything in which carpeting is not involved is a very good thing. Unless you steam clean monthly, carpets gets disgusting. I want FLOORS! The living room/dining room has carpeting but there's wood hiding underneath.

I really hope I get this house.

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