Monday, January 7, 2013

Justice is blind - but I hope she's not deaf!

The following was posted on the In Memory of Ruben Dario Riguero-Brito facebook page:

By now the news has probably spread about Ruben's killer. He was freed and charges dropped as it was deemed that he acted in self-defense in killing an unarmed man at point blank range. As it stands now, this will never see the inside of a courtroom. But we can change this! 

We would now like to ask you all - the friends of Ruben to write a letter that describes his character and the positive influence he had in your life. The letter must be mailed as it will have more weight than an e-mail. E-mailed correspondence will not be given the same importance as you can make up different e-mail IDs to write multiple e-mails. However, postmarked correspondences from all over the United States and internationally will have more of an impact! 

We have a volunteer that has agreed to receive the letters and make copies so that they may be turned in to the different authorities. If you love Ruben please do not sit still and let this travesty of justice play out. He did not deserve to die and he absolutely did not deserve to die like the aggressor he was made out to be. His autopsy report stated he was in excellent physical condition and there were absolutely no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system. No alcohol....he was in a drinking establishment and there was no alcohol in his system. Does this sound like a man that had no sense of control? Please friends, help us get justice for Ruben. 

We will be working furiously behind the scenes to fix this 'wrong' but we need your voice in letters - mailed correspondence, will be our saving grace right now as it will galvanize all of your experiences and knowledge of Ruben in one concentration. Please just write about your experience with Ruben and the man that you knew him to be. We do not need angry letters or letters spouting hate for the killer. Letters like that will be useless. We need character references for Ruben. We especially need letters from the friends that were with him the night he died. 

Please mail your correspondence to the following address: 

Friends of Ruben c/o L. Lowery
4041 Long Prairie Road
Flower Mound, Texas 75028

Thank you for all your help and support. Ruben needs us now more than ever!!! 

* * * * *

The young man I knew was no aggressor. He was sweet and kind. A gentle giant. He was not the kind of man to attack someone unprovoked and an unarmed man is no threat to someone with a gun. Any suggestion otherwise is bullshit. If you knew Ruben, please send a letter. I will be doing so.

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  1. Thank you, Francesca, for sharing this news with your readers. It's inconceivable to me that anyone would think Angelo was aggressive or out of control.