Thursday, January 24, 2013

Addicted to Demons - a visit with Jocelyn Dex

Today, my guest is Jocelyn Dex who's visiting my blog to discuss her new release, Araya's Addiction!

* * * * *

Thanks for having me here today, Francesca!

I love demons! The demons in Araya’s Addiction are a lot of fun and very sexy. I’m hoping people will enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Araya’s Addiction, an erotic paranormal romance, is my debut short novel. It features “Sempires”, a female species of demon that requires semen to survive. I’m totally excited to share the blurb, the cover and an excerpt with you today.

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Araya’s Addiction Blurb

When Kean wakes up naked, collared and locked in a cell, he knows thinking with his dick has finally gotten him into trouble. Kean, part Incubus, enjoys scorching and frequent sex. One night, he finds himself a prisoner forced to help a Sempire rescue her daughter from certain death.
To gain his freedom, Kean must provide Araya with his semen to save her life, but she refuses it, even though the lust between them is undeniable. Determined to escape and to help Araya, Kean ups the stakes and forces Araya into a situation that makes it impossible for her to continue refusing him. Feeling betrayed, Araya enacts a scheme to get Kean out of her life. Her best laid plans may awaken emotions that will bind them to each other forever.
Araya’s Addiction Teaser Excerpt
Araya lay on the floor, the green robe she wore hiked up showing the curve of her ass. Her perfectly round ass, he noted. She must have slipped as she was getting out of the shower. He crouched down and inspected her head the best he could without touching her. He damn sure didn’t want to experience the pain of that collar again. He didn’t see any blood.
“Hey. Wake up. You alive?” Kean asked.
Her eyes opened halfway. “Alive, yes,” she said, her words barely audible.
* * * * *
She turned her head toward the sound of his voice. She was so tired. So weak. So cold.
She forced her eyelids up and her mouth dropped open at the sight before her. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard. He was squatting right next to her, his cock and balls hanging only inches from her face. In such close proximity, she could smell his semen. Tangy, spicy musky. Her mouth watered and her body screamed for her to take his cock into her mouth and draw out every drop, but her mind rebelled at the thought.

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  1. YUM! What a nice way to start my morning. Wish I had time to read today!
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  2. Hi Mel! Glad you got a nice start to your morning. :-) Thanks for commenting.

  3. Jocelyn - thanks for visiting today. Your book sounds wonderful. A definite read for me!

  4. You are quite fantastic!

  5. Francesca: Thanks for having me here! Much appreciated. :-)

  6. Enjoyed the excerpt and your refresing take on demons. Like the cover. have added this to my tbr wishlist.

  7. HMMM...That would be an UNEXPECTED thing to see! I'd think I had knocked myself unconscious and woken up in some hallucination or fantasy wor;d! LOL.
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